How to separate starch from water in starch production process?

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To separate starch from water, you need to use professional starch dewatering machine. Because the professional starch dewatering machine can retain starch to the greatest extent and avoid starch loss. One more thing to note, starch extracted from different raw materials are different in characteristic, so different starch dewatering machine need to be used. Henan Jinrui has two professional starch dewatering machine for potato starch and cassava starch. They are peeler centrifuge and vacuum filter.

cassava starch dewatering machineTwo different starch dewatering machine of Henan Jinrui

Peeler centrifuge

The peeler centrifuge is widely used in the dewatering process of cassava starch. The peeler centrifuge generates centrifugal force by running the rotating drum at full speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, water is discharged from the filter screen and the holes in the rotating drum wall. The starch remains in the rotating drum and forms starch cake. Finally, the peeler scrapes off the starch cake in the drum and discharges it from the funnel. Peeler centrifuge has good dewatering effect. After dewatering with peeler centrifuge, the moisture content of cassava starch can reach 36.5%.

separate starch from waterPeeler centrifuge suitable for cassava starch dewatering

Vacuum filter

Vacuum filter can be used not only in the dewatering process of potato starch but also in the dewatering process of sweet potato starch. Vacuum filter uses the principle of vacuum pump adsorption to achieve dehydration of starch. When the drum rotates, under the action of vacuum, pressure difference is formed between the inside and outside of the drum, so that starch is adsorbed on the filter cloth and water enter the gas-water separator. After dewatering with vacuum filter, potato starch with moisture content of about 40% can be obtained.

separate starch from waterVacuum filter suitable for potato starch dewatering

These two starch dewatering machines adopt advanced technology, stable operation, compact structure and low energy consumption. The parts that touch the starch are stainless steel to avoid contamination of the starch. The effect of starch dewatering is good, the moisture of wet starch is stable, automatic unloading is realized, and labor intensity is reduced. If you want to separate starch from water and don't want to lose starch, please contact Henan Jinrui.

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