How to improve the efficiency of cassava starch processing plant?

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Generally, we use cassava starch yield to measure the efficiency of cassava starch processing plants. For the same amount of cassava, the cassava starch plant with higher cassava starch yield is more efficient. Therefore, improving starch extraction rate and reducing starch loss are the key. If you want to improve the efficiency of cassava starch processing plant, the following cassava starch processing equipment can help you.

Rasper machine

Rasper machine is used to crush cleaned cassava tubers. Starch exists in raw cassava tubers in the form of bound starch and free starch. After rasper machine crushes the cassava raw material, the starch granules are fully released. Only the more starch granules are released, the more starch can be extracted during the subsequent cassava starch processing process.

cassava starch processing machineRasper machine and centrifuge sieve

Horizontal type centrifuge sieve

In the process of separating fiber and starch, Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui recommends that you use horizontal type centrifuge sieve. Because the starch particles in the horizontal type centrifuge sieve have a longer running track on the screen surface, the horizontal type centrifuge sieve has a faster rotation speed, which can generate a larger centrifugal force, thereby realizing the active separation of starch particles and fibers.

Hydrocyclone station

Hydrocyclone station is a kind of cassava starch processing equipment used to remove protein, cell liquids etc. The starch content in the sewage discharge on the top of the hydrocyclone is a standard for measuring starch extraction equipment. The lower the starch content in the sewage discharge, the higher the efficiency of the starch extraction equipment. Henan Jinrui's hydrocyclone not only meets the requirement that the starch content in the sewage discharge is less than 0.2%, but also realizes the combination of concentration, refining and recovery of starch slurry. Therefore, our hydrocyclone can recover starch and reduce starch loss to the greatest extent.

cassava starch processing machineHydrocyclone station and flash dryer

Flash dryer

The flash dryer is the last step of the cassava starch processing plant, which is used to dry wet starch to obtain dry starch. Our flash dryer uses negative pressure system. Because the internal pressure of the flash dryer is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the reasonable design of the cyclone separator ensures that the exhaust pipe will not lose small starch particles, the starch will not escape the pipe. Thereby reducing the loss of finished starch.

The above are the key cassava starch processing equipment in the cassava starch processing process. Add these machines to your cassava starch processing plant, and your cassava starch output will be greatly improved.

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