Why use cassava washing machine when cassava starch processing?

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Why use cassava washing machine when cassava starch processing? Because cassava is root tuber, from harvest to transportation to the cassava starch processing plant, there will be a lot of dirt, sand, branches and leaves on the surface of cassava. Too much impurities in cassava will cause the finished cassava starch to fail to meet the standard and taste bad. So washing cassava when processing cassava can avoid excessive impurities during the cassava starch processing.

cassava washing machineTwo types of cassava washing machine

In Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui, there are two types of cassava washing machines used for cassava starch processing: dry sieve and paddle washing machine.

Dry sieve:The dry sieve is designed with multiple inner spiral structures. It pushes the cassava forward through continuous and stable rotation. During the advancing process, the cassava rub against the inner spiral of the dry sieve to remove impurities attached to the surface of the raw material.

cassava washing machineWashing cassava by friction

Paddle washing machine: The paddle washing machine adopts the principle of countercurrent washing. The paddle keeps rotating and stirring the cassava to make it move in the opposite direction with the water in the cleaning box to achieve the purpose of cleaning the cassava. If the customer needs, the paddle washing machine can also be designed to increase the peeling function. After adding the peeling function to the paddle washing machine, it can peel the cassava while washing it, and finally achieve the purpose of one machine for dual use.

cassava washing machineWashing cassava by interacting with water

These two cassava washing machines of Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui can adjust the parameters according to the actual need of users. When applied to cassava starch processing, these two cassava cleaning machines not only are easy to operate, but also have a large processing capacity and little damage to the cassava raw materials, which is beneficial to increase the extraction rate of starch and avoid the loss of starch. If you are looking for an efficient cassava washing machine, please contact us!

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