How is starch obtained from cassava root ?

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Together with potato and sweet potato, cassava is one of the three potato crops in the world. With an annual output of more than 100 million tons, it not only be awarded with one of the top ten crops in the world, but also is an important economic crop in tropical and subtropical regions. Cassava can be widely processed into different products, such as cassava starch, cassava flour, garri, cassava chips and so on. Among them, cassava starch is the most common and most widely used product. But how is starch obtained from cassava root? Here we will explain this question in detail.

starch obtained from cassava root processHow is starch obtained from cassava root

1: Raw material receiving unit: This is the first operation for how is starch obtained from cassava root. The raw cassava is transported from farm to processing plant by highway or road. Then the received cassava is weighed on a weighing scale and carried to a cassava storage yard, where it is transported by forklift to a cassava storage hopper.

2. Cassava cleaning unit: The most important part of this unit for how is starch obtained from cassava root is that the sand, stones and sundries mixed with cassava when harvest should be removed. The vibration and rotation of the dry sieve can make the sand that sticks to the cassava fall off. Preliminary sand removal can alleviate the burden of the machine for the later washing section.

3. Cassava washing unit: Cassava is transported into the paddle washing machine through belt conveyor for how is starch obtained from cassava root. Adopting the principle of counter-current washing, the direction of the flow of water in this machine is opposite to that of the material being washed, thus achieve a better washing effect.

cassava starch extraction machineCassava washing machine

4. Cassava grating unit: Due to cassava starch mainly exists in the fleshy part of cassava root, and only a small amount is stored in the endothelium. Grating serves to release the free starch in cassava cell. For how is starch obtained from cassava root, the more starch released, the higher starch yield. DOING rasper grating rate is higher than 94% which is designed on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology.

5. Starch slurry screening unit: Then the grated starch slurry enters into multi-stage centrifuge sieve for fiber separation. The screening and washing of the original starch slurry plays a decisive role in starch recovery rate. Fine fiber sieve is also required for screening process.

6. De-sanding cyclone unit: After milling, the starch milk is transferred to de-sanding cyclone by fiber pump. The desander cyclone for how is starch obtained from cassava root divide the milk into two parts: the light part which contains the mixture of starch and residue will go out from top of the cyclone, and the heavy part which contains the sand will be discharged out of the system.

cassava starch extraction machineCassava starch drying machine

7. Starch enrichment and refining unit: In some plant, disc separator is adopted for starch slurry refining for how is starch obtained from cassava root. Of course, more plant choosing hydrocyclone station for removing organic and inorganic impurities of starch slurry for it can ensure the continuous operation of the whole process. Besides, hydrocyclone station features with

8. Dehydrating unit: Dehydrating is used to reduce the water content to facilitate drying for how is starch obtained from cassava root. At present, peeler centrifuge is often used for dehydrating which can effectively decrease the moisture content below 40%.

9. Drying and packing unit: The last but one step is drying whose main function is to dry starch milk to reach the desired quality for how is starch obtained from cassava root. To ensure the moisture uniformity of final starch, DOING flash dryer is designed with special cooling system. After drying, the finished starch is packed and weighed for storage.

Main technical indicators for starch obtained from cassava root:

Recycling rate of starch ≥96%
Water consumption <30³/t
Power consumption <180kwh/t
Coal consumption <0.1t/t
Quality of starch first grate rate ≥98%


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