2023 Popular Starch Dehydration Equipment

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Starch dehydration equipment refers to the process of removing water from starch. The most popular starch dehydration equipment in 2023 mainly include vacuum filter and peeler centrifuge.

Vacuum filter is a commonly used starch dehydration equipment. The equipment achieves the purpose of dehydration by applying negative pressure in a vacuum environment to evaporate the water in the starch slurry. The vacuum filter has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency and good effect, and can greatly shorten the time of starch dehydration.

starch dehydration equipmentStarch dehydration equipment vacuum filter

As shown in the above picture, the vacuum filter has a drum with a mesh structure. Its working principle is to use a vacuum pump to pump the inside of the vacuum filter into a vacuum state. There is a pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the drum to transfer. The starch granules are relatively large and will be adsorbed on the surface of the roller. When the starch reaches a thickness of 7-8mm, the scraper will scrape off the starch.

The vacuum filter has requirements on the feed concentration, and generally requires the feed concentration to be 17-19 degrees Baume, so that the dehydration effect is the best. The vacuum filter can work continuously, and the output moisture is 40%.

The peeler centrifuge is a device that uses mechanical force to remove the water in the starch slurry. It is often used in large-capacity starch production lines. The equipment removes the moisture in the starch slurry through a high-speed rotating scraper, and at the same time presses the starch slurry into a film. The scraper dehydrator has the advantages of good dehydration effect, simple operation and convenient maintenance. However, the equipment has disadvantages such as high noise and easy generation of dust.

Working principle of peeler centrifuge

There is a drum in the equipment, add water before feeding to make the material evenly distributed in the drum of the centrifuge. The drum runs at high speed for dehydration under the action of centrifugal force. After dehydration, the scraper inside the drum unloads automatically. The peeler centrifuge can run continuously and discharge material intermittently, and the product moisture is about 38%.

The following factors need to be considered when choosing starch dehydration equipment:

1. Properties of starch size: Different starch sizes have different properties, such as viscosity, fluidity, water content, etc. It is necessary to select suitable dehydration equipment according to the properties of starch slurry.

2. Dehydration effect: Different dehydration equipment has different dehydration effects on starch slurry, and it is necessary to choose the equipment with the best dehydration effect according to actual needs. The starch dehydration equipment produced by Henan Jinrui have different dehydration rates for you to choose.

3. Production volume: It is necessary to consider the production volume and processing capacity of each equipment to ensure that the equipment can meet the actual production needs.

4. Maintenance and cleaning: When selecting equipment, it is necessary to consider the ease of maintenance and cleaning of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can run stably for a long time.

5. Equipment price: The price of different equipment is also different, and the appropriate equipment needs to be selected according to the actual budget. You can contact us for free quotation of starch machine.

In short, the selection of starch dehydration equipment needs to consider multiple factors comprehensively, and choose the most suitable equipment according to actual needs. Henan Jinrui can give you solutions reference according to your specific requirements.

starch dehydration equipmentHot sale starch dehydration equipment

No matter what kind of starch dehydration equipment is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the operating specifications to ensure the safety of the equipment. In addition, it is also necessary to select appropriate dehydration equipment according to different starch slurry properties to achieve the best dehydration effect. Henan Jinrui Company has more than ten years of experience in producing starch equipment, with mature technology and professional after-sales service. If you have starch processing needs, welcome to consult.

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