Where could I find complete cassava starch processing machinery?

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Generally speaking, in addition to buying cassava starch processing machinery from the local market, you can also import cassava starch processing machinery through middlemen or machine manufacturers.

1. Local market

local cassava starch processing machineryLocal cassava starch processing machinery

You can buy a simple cassava grater in your local market, then grate cassava tuber with a simple grater machine. Then use sedimentation pools to sediment cassava starch slurry. Next, workers will get rid of the yellow slurry and repeat the procession until getting cleared the cassava starch. It is suitable for a small new starter, but you need to spend a long time. The tapioca starch produced is suitable for consumption by oneself or friends. And you can save sea fees and easy to maintain your cassava starch processing machinery.

2. Import starch machines from abroad

You can also choose to buy cassava starch processing machinery from abroad not only to enlarge your capacity but achieve automatic operation to save labor. There are too many types of cassava starch processing machinery in the market, so you also can choose it according to your actual situation.

  • Simple cassava starch processing machinery

You can find an integrated cassava starch processing machine from Alibaba, which can do washing and also have concentrating and refining functions. Then you need to do drying manually to get cassava starch finally. The price and capacity are not higher.

cassava starch processing machineryWhole set cassava starch processing machinery

  • Whole set cassava starch processing machinery

If you want to buy a whole set of cassava starch processing machines, you can buy it through a middleman. Middlemen can help you find merchants that produce cassava starch processing machines, and help you solve the problem of shipping. Of course, you need to pay some commission to the middleman. There may also be problems such as inconvenient after-sales service and maintenance of the machine.

Another more reliable way is to buy directly from the manufacturer of the cassava starch processing machinery. You can search cassava starch processing machines on google search, you can find the merchant's website, then contact their sales and engineers. Of course, you can also use B2B websites such as Alibaba to find suitable machine manufacturers. This way can help you find a cassava starch processing machine that is more suitable for you, and it is very convenient for after-sales and maintenance.

Henan Jinrui Company is a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in manufacturing cassava processing machines. We provide customized services for cassava starch processing machines. At the same time, we can show you our factory and equipment manufacturing process, and we have professional sales managers and engineers to serve you.

Whole cassava starch processing machine flow chart is as below:

cassava starch processing machine flow chartCassava starch processing machine flow chart

You can use a paddle washer and dry sieve machine to wash your cassava to a big extent to satisfy food standards. Moreover, you also can use a centrifuge and hydrocyclone to remove fiber and concentrate your cassava slurry, and dry it automatically. You also can control your starch loss to get the biggest starch yield from this modern cassava starch processing machine.

If you want to learn more details on cassava starch processing machines, you can message Henan Jinrui. We are not only a cassava starch processing machine manufacturer but also have potato and sweet potato starch processing machines. We will provide our professional advice according to your requirements.

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