How much it would cost to set up a cassava processing factory?

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Recently we got numerous clients' inquiries about how much it would cost to set up a cassava processing factory. As a professional cassava processing machine supplier in China, Henan Jinrui Food Company has kinds of cassava processing machines, for example, cassava garri processing machines, cassava flour processing machines, and cassava starch processing machines. If you also want to set up a cassava processing factory, here is our advice:

small scale garri processing planySmall scale garri processing machine

Firstly if you want to set up a garri processing factory, we can do garri processing machine from 1ton per day to 1ton per hour, the machine cost is about 25,000usd to 180,000usd. You can choose different machine configurations and production capacities according to your budget.

For cassava flour processing machines and cassava starch processing machines, we can do from 2 tons of cassava tubers input per hour to 40 tons of cassava input per hour, mainly a fully automatic processing line. Machines cost is from 190,000usd to millions of dollars. They are popular in the commercial market.

2.jpgCassava flour processing machine and cassava starch processing machine

Apart from machine costs, there are factory building costs and shipping costs. For a small scale garri processing machine, it is enough to total around 30,000usd including shipping costs and customs clearance costs. For cassava flour and cassava starch processing machines, the shipping cost will depend on the final capacity plan. Therefore, their total cost is affected by many factors and is uncertain.

By the way, the clients also can check with local clearance costs to prepare a budget accordingly. For factory building costs, we can design factory layout drawings after getting orders to guide the clients to build the factory.

Here is our advice about the cassava processing factory. If you have any other questions, you can message us, our project manager will contact u as soon as possible.

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