What is the processing stage of cassava in cassava starch processing plant?

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In the cassava starch processing plant, the processing stages of cassava include cassava washing stage, cassava crushing stage, cassava fiber screening stage, cassava starch refining stage, cassava starch milk dehydration stage, cassava starch drying stage and cassava starch screening stage. The specific instructions are as follows:

processing stages of cassavaAll processing stages of cassava in cassava starch processing plant

Cassava washing stage

In the cassava washing stage, the dry sieve and paddle washing machine is used to clean the cassava raw materials before the cassava is processed to avoid the presence of many impurities in the subsequent cassava starch processing stage, resulting in poor quality of the cassava starch.

Cassava crushing stage

The function of the cassava crushing stage is to grind the cassava and break the fiber structure of the cassava to release the starch in the cassava. Use the cassava cutting machine and rasper machine to cooperate with each other to double crush the cassava, which can release the starch in the cassava to the greatest extent and increase the yield of cassava starch.

Cassava fiber sieving stage

In the sieving stage of cassava fiber, centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are used to sieve out impurities such as fiber and fine fiber in the cassava pulp from the cassava starch, so that the cassava starch slurry can be extracted to speed up the refining process of the cassava starch.

processing stages of cassavaThe cassava processing stages and cassava processing machine

Cassava starch refining stage

In the refining stage of cassava starch, Henan Jinrui usually recommends customers to use hydrocyclones. The cassava starch refining stage is to extract pure cassava milk by separating impurities. The hydrocyclone not only complete the process of refining cassava starch, but also recover and concentrate cassava starch slurry to avoid starch loss.

Cassava starch milk dehydration stage

The dehydration of cassava starch milk is to more accurately control the moisture content of cassava starch. After the cassava milk is dehydrated by peeler centrifuge, cassava starch with a moisture content of about 36.5% can be obtained.

Cassava starch drying stage

In the cassava starch drying stage, flash dryer is used to quickly dry the cassava starch, so that the moisture content of the cassava starch meets the requirements of market standards. The flash dryer can precisely control the moisture content of cassava starch. Its fully enclosed structure avoids starch contamination and ensures the hygiene of the workshop.

processing stages of cassavaThe cassava starch making stages and cassava starch processing

Cassava starch screening stage

The cassava starch screening stage is to screen out cassava starch of different particle sizes. Vibration sieve has multiple sieves, through sieving cassava starch layer by layer to distinguish different cassava starch to meet different needs.

The processing stage of cassava in the cassava starch processing plant has been explained in detail for you. If you want to know more information or need a cassava starch processing machine, you are welcome to contact Henan Jinrui. Henan Jinrui can provide you with cassava starch production lines and cassava starch processing machines suitable for cassava starch processing plants of various sizes.

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