How to extract starch from tapioca?

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Tapioca also called as tapioca and yuca. How to extract starch from tapioca? Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui has more than ten years of experience in the tapioca processing industry, and our tapioca starch installation projects cover more than 80 countries, so we can answer this question for you.

In the tapioca processing industry, there is a complete process for extracting starch from tapioca. The extraction step includes washing the tapioca raw material, grinding the tapioca into tapioca pulp, separating the fiber in the tapioca pulp, removing fine sand and impurities in the tapioca pulp, extracting the starch in the tapioca pulp, dehydrating the starch pulp, and drying the wet starch.

cassava starch processing machineTapioca extraction process and required machinery

Washing the tapioca raw material

Washing tapioca raw material is to fully remove impurities such as sand, pebbles, branches and leaves attached to the surface of the tapioca raw material, and avoid excessive impurities in the subsequent starch extraction steps that affect the purity of the finished starch. In the tapioca processing industry, dry sieve and paddle washing machine are generally used for this step. After these two tapioca processing machines are cleaned, the cleanliness rate of tapioca is as high as 99%.

Grinding the tapioca into tapioca pulp

Only by thoroughly grinding the tapioca raw materials can the structure of tapioca be completely destroyed and the starch in tapioca can be released. In order to improve the starch yield, tapioca cutting machine and rasper machine are usually used to double grind tapioca raw materials in the tapioca processing industry. Because these two machines work together not only to increase the starch yield, but also the starch extraction efficiency is fast.

cassava starch processing machineTapioca grinding machine rasper of Henan Jinrui

Separating the fiber in the tapioca pulp

There is a large amount of tapioca fiber in tapioca pulp, so centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are needed to separate coarse and fine fibers in tapioca pulp. After the fiber in the tapioca pulp is separated, the subsequent starch extraction work can proceed smoothly.

Removing fine sand and impurities in the tapioca pulp

After the fiber in the tapioca pulp is removed, it is inevitable that some small particles of impurities will remain. If these small impurity particles are not removed, it will affect the taste of the finished starch. Therefore, desander and disc separator need to be used to screen the tapioca pulp layer by layer. After sieving by these two tapioca processing machines, the impurities in the tapioca pulp are almost completely removed.

cassava starch processing machineTapioca fiber separating machine desander of Henan Jinrui

Extracting the starch slurry in the tapioca pulp

Extracting starch slurry from tapioca pulp is key step in the starch extraction process. Using hydrocyclone to perform this step can extract starch with high purity. Because the hydrocyclone consists of multi-stage cyclone unit. It can concentrate, extract and recycle tapioca pulp at the same time, and not only extract pure starch slurry, but also avoid the loss of starch to the greatest extent.

Dehydrating the starch pulp

After the pure starch slurry is extracted, it is dehydrated using peeler centrifuge. After dehydration, wet starch with a moisture content of 36% can be obtained.

cassava starch processing machineTapioca starch dewatering machine peeler centriguge

Drying the wet starch

After the wet starch is discharged from the drum of peeler centrifuge, it is immediately sucked into the flash dryer for drying. The flash dryer can precisely control the moisture content of starch while ensuring the whiteness of starch.

The above is Henan Jinrui's answer to how to extract starch from tapioca. If you want to start tapioca starch extraction business, Henan Jinrui not only can answer any questions about tapioca starch processing for you, but also can provide you with high-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency tapioca starch processing machines. If you want to know more, please contact Henan Jinrui!

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