How is Potato Starch Manufactured

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Conventional potato starch manufacturing is divided into conveying, cleaning, and removal of impurities, crushing and extraction, filtration and separation of fibers, desanding, refining and recycling, dewatering, drying, and packaging, including potato starch manufacturing equipment, including potato dry washer (dry sieve), de-stoning machine, drum washer, cutting machine, filing and grinding machine, centrifugal sieve, desanding, cyclone group, vacuum dewatering machine, air dryer, vibrating sieve, packaging machine.

Potato starch manufacturing cleaningPotato starch manufacturing cleaning

1. Conveying, cleaning, and removal of impurities

First of all, in potato starch manufacturing, when the potatoes are stored in the yard, the initial cleaning is completed by high-pressure pump flushing, and the raw material conveying is completed by the flow trough. If the potatoes are directly conveyed by the hopper, cleaning, and de-hybridization require potato starch manufacturing equipment in the potato dry washing machine (dry sieve), de-stoning machine, and drum washing machine; if the flow conveyor trough, only through the de-stoning machine and drum washing machine processing. Next, the potatoes are transported to the potato dry cleaning machine by the belt conveyor for preliminary decontamination, through the friction collision to make the surface of the large pieces of soil and sand off; the de-stoning machine is the use of raw materials and stones of different specific gravity, to achieve the effect of de-stoning; to go to the stone of the potatoes need to go through the second cleaning, through the drum washing machine will be the surface of the thoroughly cleaned.

2. Crushing and Extraction

Then the cleaned potatoes are transported to the crushing section in the potato starch manufacturing process. Since the crushing efficiency (the percentage of free starch that can be obtained) is crucial to the total yield of the system, Jinrui adopts a two-stage crushing process, equipped with a cutting machine and a filing machine, to achieve the highest possible crushing efficiency.

Potato starch manufacturing crushing and refiningPotato starch manufacturing crushing and refining

3. Filtration and Separation of Fibers

The potato starch slurry after crushing has a high content of fiber, which needs to be separated from the solid liquid by using a multi-stage starch centrifugal sieve to remove the larger fiber components before entering the grit removal unit. Then the potato starch manufacturing process in the filtration and separation unit to get the finished product for the crude starch milk, need to be transported to the sand remover through the screw pump to remove sand.

4. Refining and recycling

The main purpose of the processing of the most important refining and recovery unit is to improve the purity of the finished starch, which needs to use the starch cyclone in the potato starch manufacturing equipment. After the completion of the crude potato starch milk from the upper vortex tube cutting into the cyclone at high speed, under the action of high-speed rotation centrifugal force, the relative density of the starch centrifugal force is larger, it is along the outer helix along the wall down to the bottom of the flow outlet; and the relative density of the protein and the water to obtain the centrifugal force is small, it will be carried out in the inner helix down to the lower part of the cone, in the cone will be subjected to the bottom of the flow outlet of the resistance to form a reverse direction of rotation of the inner helix vortex, and then on the upper vortex of the potato starch manufacturing equipment. In the lower part of the cone, it will be resisted by the bottom flow opening, thus forming a vortex against the direction of rotation, and then it will go up to the top flow opening to be discharged, to obtain high-purity starch milk.

Potato starch manufacturing dewatering and dryingPotato starch manufacturing dewatering and drying

5. Dewatering

The processed starch milk has a high moisture content, so it can not be directly dried, and needs to be processed by the vacuum dewatering machine so that the starch moisture content is about 40% or so. In the potato starch manufacturing process, the vacuum dewatering machine adopts a vacuum pump adsorption design, the vacuum pump makes the vacuum drum form negative pressure when the starch emulsion bit contacts the vacuum drum, and the starch emulsion is sucked on the drum surface, the filtrate is sucked into the filtrate separation tank and pumped away by the filtrate pump, and the filter cake is scraped by the scraper, and transported into the feeding hopper of the air dryer by food-grade conveying belt.

6. Drying and Packaging

To comply with the starch water requirements on the market and prevent sticky bags from forming lumps, it is necessary to require the moisture of the finished potato starch, which is generally controlled at 8%-14%. Wet potato starch through the potato starch manufacturing equipment air dryer feeding feed, high-speed hot air flow can be wet material dispersion, in the external dispersion process at the same time stirring mixing, and then the material and hot gas flow in parallel. The two are fully contracted and can exchange heat, after which the potato starch is dried, and finally, the dried starch is separated by a cyclone separator. After the dried starch is sieved and packed by starch sieve, it enters the packing machine to be packed into bags for sale.

This is the whole process of potato starch manufacturing, and the output is about 2-40 per day. Of course, if you need larger output, you can contact Jinrui Company, and we will have professional engineers and business consultants to customize it for you.

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