What is the potato starch machine price in india?

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India is the second-largest potato producer, contributing 12% to the world production. The potato is very popular with the high yield and rich nutritional value which is one of the main raw materials for starch extraction. As market expands, the mechanical production becomes more important and more and more people in India are getting interested in potato starch machine.

As a professional equipment manufacturer, DOING company have received many inquiries about the potato starch machine price in India. Actually, the price can't be told in an exact number. Because the potato starch machine price is involved in your many actual situations. But now i can give you an reference price. The price of potato processing machine of DOING company in India is generally above $ 100,000 which can handle at least 2000kg cassava per hour. If you want to know more specific price, you should firstly tell our your demand about potato starch machine. Then we can tell you the exact price according to the combination of many factors.

Similar to the cassava and sweet potato production, the potato starch processing includes: washing - cutting - crushing - separating - insoluble impurities - separating soluble impurities - dehydration - drying - screening.

potato starch processing machine in IndiaPotato starch processing machine in India

To get specific price you should know something about the price of potato starch machine:

The first is the material of the potato starch machine:

As we all know, the price of the potato starch machine vary with the material. Usually there are different materials of potato starch machine: stainless steel and carbon steel. Stainless steel is more expensive but it's for food grade. For some processing machinery, such as cutting machine, it can use carbon steel to reduce the price. So the final price depends on your choice.

The second is the processing technology of the potato starch machine:

The processing technology of the potato starch machine is also different. Take fiber screening unit as an example, the machine used in DOING company are vertical centrifuge sieve screen and a fine fiber screen. Of course, the round sieve also can be used for screening starch. Usually the vertical centrifuge sieve is more expensive than round sieve, but starch particles stay longer on the screen and the effect is better. So if the required quality of potato starch are higher and the output is larger, the first choice is centrifuge sieve. More advanced processing technology, the higher the price.

the potato starch machine price in indiaYou should focus on something about the potato starch machine price in india

The third is the capacity of the potato starch machine:

The price of the machine is closely related to the capacity. The larger the output, the higher the price. Take hydrocyclone station as an example, the 12 grades can meet the needs of most people. But if the processing output is particularly high, you should choose 15 or 16 grades. Certainly, the price is higher.

The last point is the degree of automation:

At present, starch factories can basically achieve the complete automation by various control and transmission systems (PLC, etc). The price of a PLC control system must be higher than ordinary microcontroller. In general, you can choose the appropriate potato starch machine according to your budget.

If you are a new comer in potato starch processing business and want to get more information about the price of potato starch machine in DOING company, please send us your detailed requirements, then our sales manager will contact you with a deeper communication.

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