How is starch extracted from cassava?

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Apart from water, the most content of cassava is starch, which is about 20-30%. Therefore fresh cassava tubers are often used as raw material for starch production to increase its value in application. How is starch extracted from cassava? This article will briefly introduce the process.

How is starch extracted from cassava?How is starch extracted from cassava?

In all cassava starch processing factories, starch is extracted by physical separation. It is the same as the cassava flour production.

●The procedures of how is starch extracted from cassava are:

Raw material cleaning and washing, cutting and crushing of cleaned cassava, separating of different contents from starch slurry, concentration of starch slurry, dehydration and drying.

●Main equipment in different sections:

Cleaning section: dry sieve, paddle washer

Processing section: cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, de-sander, hydrocyclone station

Drying section: peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, starch sifter, packaging machine.

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Based on physical method of how is starch extracted from cassava, our engineer team designs different machines for each process. All equipment can connected together by non-standard components to make whole production line work continuously.

different sections in cassava starch extractionThe different sections in cassava starch extraction

The following are more details on these steps.

After raw cassava tubers are harvested from field, firstly they are cleaned and washed, in case that impurities go into further production and lower quality of finished product. Then cleaned cassava tubers are crushed to make starch released as much as possible. In the crushing section, normally it’s divided into 2 steps, firstly cassava tubers are cut into small pieces, and secondly small cassava pieces are crushed completely to get cassava mash. In cassava mash, it contains fiber, protein, fats, starch, water, etc. To get purified starch, we need to separate all other contents. Normally solid impurities like fibers and tiny sands are preferentially removed, and then liquid impurities like protein and cell liquid are separated. After all above procedures are finished, we can get refined starch milk. Finally dehydration and drying process can remove some water to get dried starch powder as output product.

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How is starch extracted from cassava? cassava starch processing machineModern cassava starch processing machine

Traditional starch production relied on manual works, which takes much longer time and finished product are in bad quality. With development of mechanization, more and more equipment were invented to replace human job and greatly increase working efficiency, product quality are improved as well. DOING company has many years’ experience on how is starch extracted from cassava and developed mature technology. We can provide you best solutions from equipment selection to factory design, welcome to consult and order.

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