How to make potato starch? What machines are needed?

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More and more people use potato starch making machine to make potato starch for its high processing efficiency and high final potato starch quality advantages. The potato starch making process mainly includes six steps: cleaning, crushing, separating, refining, dehydrating, drying. and the following will introduce it in details combined with the needed machines.

Step one: to clean the potato raw material and wash the potato completely, so as to remove the impurities like weeds, sands, mud, weeds, etc. The machines needed are dry sieve and rotary washing machine.

dry sieve and rotary washing machineDry sieve and rotary washing machine

Step two: to cut the potato into pieces and then crush the potato pieces into small particles, so as to improve the potato starch extraction rate. The machines needed are cutting machine and rasper.

cutting machine and rasperCutting machine and rasper

Step three: to separate the fiber out of the potato starch milk so that the potato starch purify will be improved. The machine needed is centrifuge sieve.

centrifuge sieveCentrifuge sieve

Step four: to further concentrate and delicate potato starch milk to achieve the purpose of potato starch refining. The machines needed is hydrocyclone station. The higher the cyclone series, the better the purity and quality of potato starch.

Step five: to dehydrate the potato starch milk into wet potato starch powder. The machines needed is vacuum filter.

vacuum filterVacuum filter.

Step six: to dry the wet potato starch powder into final potato starch with uniform moisture instantly. The machines needed is flash dryer.

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