How cassava is processed into starch?

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The steps of cassava is processed into starch are washing, crushing, separation, purification, dehydration, drying and sieving. These cassava starch production steps are manually operated or processed by cassava starch processing machines. Because the manual production of cassava starch is slow and the starch quality is not high, it cannot meet today's market demand. The use of cassava starch processing machines to process cassava into starch has become a popular trend.

The detailed steps of using cassava starch processing machine to process cassava into starch are:

cassava starch processing machineThe main cassava starch processing machines

1.Use two cassava cleaning machines to clean cassava

In this step, the cassava cleaning machine recommended by Henan Jinrui to you is dry sieve and paddle washing machine. These two cassava starch processing machines successively clean the cassava and can fully remove the large and small impurities attached to the surface of the cassava.

2.Use two cassava crushing machines to grind cassava

The cassava cutting machine first cuts the clean cassava into pieces, and then the rasper machine grinds the cassava pieces into cassava pulp. The cooperation of the two cassava starch processing machines can increase the speed of cassava crushing, fully release the starch in the cassava cells, and increase the yield of cassava starch.

3.Use two separating machines to filter out the cassava fiber in the cassava pulp

Use centrifugal sieve and fine fiber sieve to filter out the cassava fiber, cell fluid and other impurities in the cassava pulp, which can ensure the thorough separation of the cassava fiber and the cassava starch milk, and filter the pure cassava starch milk from the cassava pulp.

cassava starch processing machineCassava fiber separating machine centrifuge sieve

4.Use hydrocyclone to purify the cassava starch milk

In order to make the cassava starch more pure and meet the requirements of market standards, Henan Jinrui recommends that you choose full cyclone hydrocyclone. The full cyclone hydrocyclone not only can purify the cassava starch, but also has the function of concentration and recovery, which can avoid the loss of starch and ensure the output of cassava starch.

5.Use peeler centrifuge to dehydrate cassava starch milk

Compared with other starch dehydrating machine on the market, the peeler centrifuge of Henan Jinrui has a better dehydration effect. After dehydration by a peeler centrifuge, you can get wet cassava starch with a moisture content of about 36.5%. It not only has good dehydration effect, but also has large processing capacity, fast dehydration speed, and easy operation and maintenance.

6.Use flash dryer to dry wet cassava starch

The flash dryer adopts negative pressure drying system. The wet cassava starch enters the drying tube through the conveyor and the heated air at the same time. The heat exchange rate is high, the heat transfer area is large, and instant drying can be achieved. Therefore, the cassava starch has a short time in the tube and can ensure the whiteness of the starch.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch dehydrating machine flash dryer

7.Use vibration sieve to filter out fine cassava starch

Vibration sieve has a multi-layer screen to meet your various sieving needs. Moreover, it has a fast screening speed and a large processing capacity. After sieving by vibration sieve, you can get fine cassava starch that meets market standards.

The above-mentioned cassava starch processing machine that processes cassava into starch Henan Jinrui can provide for you. Henan Jinrui is a professional cassava starch processing machine manufacturer integrating design, production, sales and after-sales. We can provide you with comprehensive services. If you need cassava starch processing machines, welcome to contact us!

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