How much is cassava peeling machine in Nigeria?

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Cassava peeling machines are widely used in the cassava processing industry. Henan Jinrui's cassava peeling machine is the best-selling product among our cassava processing machines. Because its processing capacity is large, peeling speed is fast, peeling rate is as high as 95%, and it will not damage the cassava raw materials. How much is cassava peeling machine in Nigeria? The following three factors affect the price of cassava peeling machine.

The cassava peeling machines with different processing capacity are different prices.

The larger the processing capacity of the cassava peeling machine, the higher the price of the cassava peeling machine. Henan Jinrui can provide you with three specifications of cassava peeling machine: 0.5-1 tons per hour, 1-2 tons per hour and 3-4 tons per hour. You can inquire price with us according to your production needs. If you need a cassava peeling machine with larger processing capacity, you can contact Henan Jinrui, we can customize it for you.

cassava peeling machineThe cassava peeling machine of Henan Jinrui

Different materials have different prices for cassava peeling machines.

The material of cassava peeling machine can be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. The price of stainless steel peeling machine is higher than that of carbon steel peeling machine. But stainless steel peeling machines are more resistant to corrosion.

Cassava peeling machines offered by different supplier are different prices.

When you ask about the prices of cassava peeling machines from different suppliers, you will get different quotes for cassava peeling machines of the same specification and material. The reason is that some suppliers are not manufacturers, they supply you by buying cassava peeling machines from other manufacturers. Therefore, the cassava peeling machine you buy is more expensive than the actual cassava peeling machine. Henan Jinrui recommends that you choose manufacturers and suppliers like us who produce and sell cassava peeling machines. The peeling machines we provide you are all at the factory price.

Although Henan Jinrui is a Chinese cassava peeling machines manufacturer, we have opened a branch and overseas warehouse in Nigeria. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the inconvenience of delivery. If you want to know the specific price of cassava peeling machine in Nigeria, you are welcome to consult us!

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