What is the difference between cassava flour and cassava starch

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Cassava flour and cassava starch are common in our daily life, but there have many differences between them.Next I will talk about the difference between them from the following aspects.

the differences between cassava flour and cassava starchCassava flour and cassava starch

1. Different manufacturing processes

Cassava flour: it is the powdery particles of cassava peeled, crushed and dried, or the powdery particles of cassava peeled and dried and crushed, which are generally produced by family-style workshops.

Cassava starch: it is the starch processed by the whole assembly line. The processing technology is more complex, including peeling, cleaning, crushing, screening, filtering, concentration, dehydration, drying, screening, etc., so as to get fine and high-quality powder particles, which are generally produced by industrial assembly lines.

2. Different uses

Cassava flour: cassava flour is generally powdery particles. When heated and cooked with water, it will appear transparent and elastic in texture.The cassava flour can be used in food processing, such as dessert balls, puddings or pearls in milk tea pearls.

Cassava starch: cassava starch presents a fine powder form. when heated with water, it will not be lumped. Cassava starch is generally used as a condiment in daily life. When frying vegetables or making soup, cassava starch will play the role of juice collection. When frying some food, cassava starch can also be wrapped on the outer layer of the food material, which will make the fried food more crispy.

uses of cassava flour and cassava starchDifferent uses

3.There is a difference between raw and cooked cassava flour and starch

Cassava flour: cassava flour is processed coarser, retained the toxicity of cassava relatively. Cassava flour cannot be eaten raw, because the hydrogen cyanide acid that contains inside it can endanger health.

Cassava starch: cassava starch processing is more delicate. During the processing process, it has removed the toxic substance that exists in cassava.So tapioca flour can't be eaten raw and tapioca starch can be used directly.

4. Different processing procedures

The processing procedure of cassava flour is relatively simple. It mains the following processing steps: cleaning - grinding - dehydration - crushing- drying.

processing produre of cassava flourProcessing procedures of cassava flour

Cassava starch processing procedures are relatively complex. It mains the following processing steps : cleaning - grinding - centrifugal extraction - desanding - dehydration - drying.

cassava starch processing proceduresProcessing procedures of cassava starch

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