How much cassava starch can be extracted from 1t cassava?

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The starch content of cassava is 14%-40%. If you process 1 ton of cassava, different processing methods can get different amounts of cassava starch. With manual extraction, you are indeterminate as to how much cassava starch you will get. With a cassava starch processing machine, you will get about 250kg of cassava starch.

You may be wondering why you can get cassava starch so differently when processed using different techniques. And what is the difference between these two technical ways?

cassava starch processingTwo different cassava starch processing ways

Manual extraction is by physical extrusion. The cassava starch is obtained by grinding the cassava into a pulp and then proceeding with continuous precipitation. But this method is only suitable for family production, the efficiency is relatively low and the starch produced has many impurities.

The cassava starch processing machine adopts wet processing technology to maximize the extraction of more cassava starch from cassava through advanced technology. The cassava starch produced by the cassava starch processing machine has high purity and can be directly sold in the market as edible starch and industrial starch.

cassava starch processing processCassava starch processing process

So the amount of starch you get depends on the extraction rate of each technical processing method. Regardless of whether manual extraction or cassava starch processing machines are used, the cassava should be adjusted to the best state before processing to improve the starch extraction rate.

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