Starch machine used in the cassava starch extraction process

Cassava starch is a very good starch. Its market demand is very large, and it shows a trend of rapid growth, which is suitable for many industrial productions. Because cassava has a wide production area and high yield, cassava starch is cheaper than potato starch. Compared with corn starch, cassava starch has a lower impurity content, stronger viscosity and lower gelatinization temperature. Therefore, the demand for cassava starch in the market is increasing every year, which has led to the expansion of cassava planting area, and the demand for high-quality starch machines for cassava processing plants is more urgent.

Cassava starchMarket advantages of cassava starch

As mentioned above, compared with other starches, cassava starch has a low market price and low impurity content. So, if cassava starch manufacturers want to make more profits in the cassava starch market, they must choose starch machine that is reasonably priced, has low damage to cassava raw materials, high starch extraction rate, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

After cassava is processed into cassava starch, cassava starch is acidic. Therefore, the starch machine in the production of cassava starch should have anti-corrosion properties. The cassava starch processing machines of Henan Ding Company are made of carbon steel and stainless steel, and the parts in contact with materials in the machine are all made of stainless steel. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the service life and maintenance of the machine when purchasing our cassava starch processing machine.

Our company has helped many domestic and foreign customers to establish cassava starch factories. A large number of cassava starch processing machine installation project cases enable our company to have a wealth of experience in machine selection for cassava starch production lines.

Cassava starch machine supplierAn overview of Henan Doing Company

According to our experience, the starch machine needed in an ideal cassava starch production line should include: feeding hopper, dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava cutting machine, cassava rasper, centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve , desander, disc separator, OCC&MCC, hydrocyclone, transfer tank, peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, vibration sieve, quantitative packaging machine. Also includes several belt conveyors.

The function of the feeding hopper is to continuously and evenly provide cassava raw materials for the entire cassava starch production line to ensure the normal operation of each starch machine in the production line. Dry sieve, paddle washing machine and cassava peeling machine are all necessary machines for the washing of cassava raw materials in the production line. The cassava is harvested and transported from the planting area to the cassava starch processing plant. During this process, the surface of the cassava starch must be attached to dirt, small sand, leaves and other impurities. Dry sieve and paddle washing machine clean the surface of cassava raw material twice, basically completely remove the impurities on the surface of cassava, and then use the cassava peeling machine to remove the cassava skin and subcutaneous impurities, which further ensures that no impurities are mixed in the subsequent starch extraction process.

Then, the cleaned cassava is ground and extracted. The clean cassava is fully crushed into cassava pulp by the cassava cutting machine and grinding machine. To make cassava starch more pure, it is necessary to separate the protein, fiber and cell fluid in the cassava pulp. The separation process requires a centrifuge sieve, a fine fiber sieve, a desander, a disc separator and a hydrocyclone. These five machines screen and separate the cassava pulp layer by layer, and finally refine the pure starch slurry. The refined starch slurry enters the transfer tank for dehydration.

The peeler centrifuge is a continuous-running solid-liquid separation device used for dewatering refined starch slurry. After the starch slurry is dehydrated by peeler centrifuge, wet starch with a moisture content of 36.5% can be obtained. Finally, flash dryer is used to quickly dry the wet starch. The dried starch automatically falls into the distribution box, and then into the quantitative packaging machine, automatically weighed and packaged. After cassava is processed by these starch machines, the cassava starch is extracted.

Starch machineFully automated cassava starch production line machine

This is a complete automated cassava starch production line. The specific machine put into production line can be adjusted according to customer demand. Because each starch machine in this production line is easy to operate and has reasonable coordination, this cassava starch production line has the characteristics of fast production speed and large starch output. In addition, under the control of the OCC&MCC, the starch machines in each link can be accurately set through the system, and the purpose of fully automatic operation, the starch extraction rate is high, and saving manpower were finally realized.

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