How to choose the right starch extraction equipment?

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Cassava starch processing is much more popular in recent years. Now the most advanced technology is called full hydrocyclone technology to get high quality starch. Some clients asked how to choose the right starch extraction equipment to get starch as many as possible. Here is our advice:

There are different starch extraction equipment(also named sieving machines)in the market, mainly centrifugal sieve machine and round sieve machine. They work by separating and sieving starch and fiber based on their different densities. You can select the suitable starch extraction equipment that should include the following points: starch extraction rate, output, and price.

starch extraction machineTwo kinds of starch extraction equipments

1. Choose equipment with a high starch extraction rate

Under high speed rotary, the starch milk and fibers can be divided. This isan important factor in determining the extraction rate of starch. The centrifugal sieve machine will be matched in 4-5 stages to extract starch 4-5 times to get starch as much as possible. Such a centrifugal sieve machine has a high starch extraction rate. However round sieve machine rotary speed and extraction effect isn't good as centrifugal sieve machines. Therefore, if you want a higher starch extraction rate, you can choose a centrifugal sieve machine.

centrifugal sieve machineCentrifugal sieve machine

2. Choose the right output equipment

If you have just invested in the starch processing industry, the round sieve is a good choice for small scale and some starch processing beginners. If you already have some experience in the starch processing industry, you can choose a centrifugal sieve machine with a larger output than the starch extraction equipment.

round sieve machineRound sieve machine

3. Choose the right equipment according to your budget

Since the centrifugal sieve machine is mainly used for pulp and residue separation, the starch content in the tubers residue is controlled within 2%, and the processing capacity is large, so its price is higher than that of the round sieve machine. The round sieve machine has as mall processing capacity, and the screen needs to be replaced frequently, and the processing effect is not as good as that of the centrifugal sieve, so the price is low. It is recommended to choose the appropriate starch extraction equipment according to your budget.

HenanJinrui Food Company has done cassava and starch processing machine manufacturing for more than 10 years in China. We have pretty experienced in the starch extraction machine. We can match different machines according to your budget and capacity. If you have any idea about setting up a starch extraction factory, welcome to message us.

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