How to effectively avoid the wear problem when using cassava grinding machine ?

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Cassava grinding machine is an important equipment in the production of cassava, which is used to break the cassava to release cassava particles. Everyone knows that in the crushing operation, once the cassava grinding machine wears out, it will affect the overall production efficiency and progress. So how can we reduce the wear of the cassava grinding machine and extend its service life ?

In response to this question, Henan Doing Company will provide you with the following answers:

cassava grinding machineCassava grinding machine

First, why cassava grinding machine appears worn problem:

1). Material aspect. The inclusion of non-metallic materials in the steel is very likely to cause stress concentration. The edges of these heterogeneous materials are prone to cracks, resulting in a greatly reduced service life of cassava grinding machine. In addition, if there is a defect inside, wear may occur.

2). Workmanship is rough. It is not enough to have high-quality materials. If the manufacturer's manufacturing technology is poor, the surface of cassava grinding machine is too rough, resulting in increased wear and tear of the material during crushing, which will cause the file to be damaged and the service life to be shortened. Therefore, when choosing a grinding machine, we must examine the processing strength of the factory.

3). Not pay attention to maintenance. Many producer do not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment when using cassava grinding machine, and do not apply the lubricating oil on time. These all have an impact on the wear of cassava grinding machine.

cassava grinding machineEquipment maintance

Second, how to solve cassava grinding machine wear problem:

a. Choose high quality cassava grinding machine. This requires the choice of high quality material and good workmanship machine. For material, the file of DOING cassava grinding machine is made of high quality stainless steel, with strong wear resistance and long service life. Besides, with decades of equipment manufacturing experience, Doing Company not only has professional processing workers, but also professional engineers to check the quality of equipment, and the produced cassava grinding machine has high quality and guaranteed quality.

b. Clean machine before using. After the cassava grinding machine is installed, before the normal production, the inner chamber of cassava grinding machine should be cleaned once to ensure the internal cleanness, and at the same time, the foreign objects and parts should be all cleaned out of the chamber.

cassava grinding machineClean cassava grinding machine

c. Reduce the situation that unbreakable foreign matter such as iron blocks enters equipment chamber. It is possible to use a magnetic separator to absorb unbreakable metal foreign matter in cassava grinding machine cabine before inputting the raw materials.

d. In the usual production process, the operator should pay more attention to the operation status of the equipment. If there is an abnormal situation, it is necessary to stop the machine and inspect immediately. In addition, it is an important measure to reduce the wear of cassava grinding machine by cleaning the equipment in time after using the equipment and applying the lubricating oil on time.

In order to reduce the wear and tear of cassava grinding machine, it is important to select good quality equipment, and meanwhile pays attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment. By reasonable maintenance, producer can effectively reduce or avoid the wear and tear of cassava grinding machine during operation.

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