Is cassava good for losing weight ?

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Cassava is mainly rich in dietary fiber, relatively full of satiety, can control appetite and help to lose weight. In addition, cassava is also rich in minerals and vitamins, has the function of swelling and detoxification. It is recommended to eat cassava as a the staple food instead of other grain food during weight loss.

is cassava good for losing weight

Food Cassava Wheat flour Rice
Calories(per 100g) 119 calories 351 calories 346 calories

Cassava nutritional Information:

Cassava Nutritional Information Nutrient content (per 100g)
Heat (calorie) 119.00
Carbohydrate (g) 27.80
Fat (g) 0.30
Protein (g) 2.10
Cellulose (g) 1.60

In the fresh cassava roots, the water content is generally 69%, the starch is about 28%, the protein is 1%, the fat is 0.2%, and the vitamin content is also rich.

As can be seen from the table of cassava ingredients, the main components of cassava are starch, cellulose, a small amount of sugar, and there is almost no fat in the ingredients, so cassava is considered to be a good diet for losing weight. In addition, cassava also has the function of helping digestion and detoxification, therefore it is a good choice to eat cassava for those who want to lose weight.

is cassava good for losing weightCassava

The way of eating cassava

Because cassava contains toxic cyanide, attentation should be paied when eating cassava. Experts suggest that the cassava should first be peeled and cut into pieces, and then cooked by baking or boiling. After this processing, the cassava can be safely consumed. Other processed cassava products, such as cassava starch, cassava flour, cassava chips, garri and etc. are almost harmless to the human body because toxic substances have been removed during processing.

To prevent cassava poisoning, you can peel the cassava before eating it, soak the cassava with water to dissolve the cyanide in the cassava. Generally, 70% of the cyanide can be removed after about 6 days of soaking, and then cooked and eaten.

is cassava good for losing weightWay of eating cassava

The cassava roots can be cooked or canned, and the leaves can be eaten as vegetables.

Because cassava contains less protein, if cassava is the main food, it must be supplemented with the corresponding amount of protein, otherwise it will lead to nutritional imbalance.

It is generally believed that cassava is more suitable as a food and is an ideal food during weight loss.  Of course, everything should be moderate, and if you eat too much, it will cause obesity. But cassava is a good diet food compared to other staple foods.

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