Importance of cassava starch

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The importance of cassava starch is mainly reflected in its wide use. cassava starch can be used in food, beverage, candy, chemical industry, glue, paper making, textile, medicine and cosmetics, biodegradable materials, etc.

uses of cassava starch The uses of cassava starch

In food

Cassava starch is commonly used in food recipes, such as baking, and in small extruded foods. It is also known as a very good additive and sweetener, so it is often used as a flavor and can be found in many canned, frozen, baked and dairy products.

In beverage

The sweetener effect of cassava starch is better than sucrose, because the cassava starch is improved in the processing process, so it can enhance the characteristics of the product. Combined with other sweeteners, it can more fully meet the actual needs of consumers.

In candy

Cassava starch is used in the candy making process, mainly used for gelatinizing effect, thickening effect, enhancing foaming, controlling crystallization and adding luster, etc. Cassava starch is commonly used in jellies and chewing gum. If it's dried cassava starch, it can be used as a mold release agent for candy in the actual making process.

In chemical industry

Cassava starch syrup can be acidified to reduce costs. Therefore, cassava starch is mainly used as raw material in the production of various chemical products, such as sodium glutamate, amino acids, vitamins and antibiotics.

use of cassava starch Cassava starch in chemical industry

In glue

The dextrin of cassava starch is a very good adhesive, its use is very wide, mainly used in cardboard, paper bags, glue, adhesive tape and stamp envelope adhesive system above.

In paper making

Cassava starch can be used in the paper industry to improve the quality of paper, improve the efficiency of production and pulp utilization, mainly as a binder to produce smooth, white high-grade paper.

In textile

In the textile industry, cassava starch is often used as an oar to harden and protect yarns in order to improve production efficiency. For the textile industry, some steamed cassava starch can make textiles more efficient.

In medicine and cosmetics

Cassava starch and modified starch can be used as binder increment and disintegrating agent in tablet production. Specially modified starch can be used as a carrier for emollients, which are usually mineral oil-based substances. Other modified starches can be used as emulsifiers, encapsulants (vitamins), hairdressers (mousses) and thickeners (shampoos).

In biodegradable materials

Cassava starch and modified starch can be mixed with petroleum-based or synthetic polymers to improve biodegradability and minimize the cost of environmentally friendly materials.

It can be seen from the application of cassava starch in various industries that cassava starch exists in various forms in people's daily life. The demand for cassava starch is very high. So How is cassava starch obtained?

Cassava starch processing technology:

The cassava is first cleaned by a dry sieve and a paddle washing machine, and then crushed by a cutting machine and rasper. The cassava is crushed to form cassava pulp. Then the fiber from the cassava pulp was filtered out in centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve, and the starch pulp was extracted. In order to get better taste, the extracted starch slurry goes into the desander to remove the little sand. After the sand removal, the starch pulp is concentrated and refined in the disc separator and hydrocyclone. Finally, dehydrate and dry with a peeler centrifuge and flash dryer.

cassava starch processing line Cassava starch processing line

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