2022 advanced sweet potato starch production line 3D video

This 3D video shows the 2022 advanced sweet potato starch production line and sweet potato starch process step by step.

Main machines in sweet potato starch production line: rotary washing machine, cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, hydroclone station, vacuum filter, flasher dryer, and sifter sieve.

Sweet potato starch process:

In the sweet potato starch process, first, wash and clean the sweet potato. Then crush the sweet potato to release the starch. Next, extract the starch from the fiber and wet mash. At last, the wet starch is dewatered and dry to sieve.

It is the whole process of the sweet potato starch production line. Jinrui Company can provide small scale and large scale potato starch production line manufacturing and installation service.

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