DOING cassava starch drying machine install in Tanzania

video / Leave Message / Chat Online Feb 26, 2019

In November 2018, DOING successfully installed a cassava starch drying machine in Tanzania, and the above is the installation video of the cassava starch drying machine.

DOING cassava starch drying machine has the following characteristics

1. Suitable for drying of starch, cassava flour, corn starch, wheat starch, sweet potato starch, etc., high drying strength and high efficiency

2. Instant drying principle, high heat exchange efficiency and short material retention time.

3. Strictly control the parameters to ensure that the starch after drying meets high quality requirements.

4. After the cassava starch drying machine, there is a material cooling system to ensure the uniformity of starch moisture, which is convenient for packaging and transportation.

Doing Machinery offer onsite installation, equipment debugging and operators training service for all customers who buy our cassava starch processing machine. DOING business includes but not limited to cassava processing equipment.Your consult in welcomed.

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