Cassava starch processing machine working process

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This video shows the cassava starch processing machine running process.Transported by belt conveyor, the raw cassava is firstly cleaned by dry sieve to and washed by paddle washing machine to remove sand and impurities of cassava outer peels. Then the clean cassava is cutted into small piece and be grated into smash by rasper, where starch is released from cassava cells. Then the starch pulp in pumped into centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve for separate out fiber and other debris. After that, starch pulp enters into desander to remove sand impurities to improve starch taste. For large capacity cassava starch processing machine, a disc separator is required for starch pulp enrichment and purification, and then use hydrocyclone station for further starch refining and washing. For small capacity starch processing, a hydrocyclone station can serve the function of starch pulp concentration, refining and washing.Refined starch milk then goes into peeler centrifuge for dewatering, the moisture content need to be dewatered to 38%-40% for easy drying.Then use a flash dryer to dry wet starch to 14% to facilate storage. Afer the above process, use vibration sieve - a cassava starch processing machine for starch sieving to sifting starch into uniform fineness.Finally the obtained starch is packed for storage or market.
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