Cassava starch processing machine working process in plant

This video provided by a customer of Henan Jinrui Company shows us the working process of complete set cassava starch processing plant. This video will show the mainly used machines for cassava starch processing and their operation process for you.

In most case, cassava starch processing plant usually has the following steps: washing and cleaning, cutting and grinding, separating and desanding, dewatering and drying, sieving and packing. The main machines used in the plant include: dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, hydrocyclone station, peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, sifter sieve and packing machine.

The automatic complete set cassava starch processing machine adopts wet process technology design to improve the quality of finished cassava starch. It can also realize fully automated production, high efficiency, and saving manpower. In addition, the capacity of the automatic cassava starch processing machine has different scales, which can be customized depending on the actual needs of customers.

Henan Jinrui has been engaged in cassava processing for decades, adopts domestic and foreign advanced technology in machine manufacturing, and has accumulated rich experience in project installation. If you plan to build a cassava starch processing plant, Henan Jinrui will be your best choice in terms of machine quality and price. Give it a try, Henan Jinrui won’t let you down!

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