Cassava starch extraction plant

Cassava starch production process is a physical separation process, that is, the starch in cassava raw materials is separated from fiber, protein, inorganic substances and other impurities. In cassava starch extraction plant, the entire processing procedure is divided into choosing, cleaning, washing, grating, separation, concentration and refining, dehydration, drying and packaging.

The following is the detail description of the cassava starch extraction plant

cassava starch extraction processCassava starch extraction plant

1. Raw material choosing: Raw materials are the basis of production products. The quality of raw materials is the decisive factor of product quality and also the key to determine the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, the acquisition of raw materials must be done well. It will be better to choose high quality cassava without deterioration and no moth. Besides, it is required that the fresh cassava is purchased and processed on the same day.

2. Cleaning and washing: In cassava starch extraction plant, cleaning and washing are mainly to remove sediment from the outer layer of cassava cortex and wash away the epidermis of cassava root. Cleaning and washing for fresh cassava, the raw material for starch production, is the basis for guaranteeing the quality of starch. The cleaner the cleaning, the better the starch quality.

cassava starch extraction machineCassava washing machine

3. Grating: Cassava starch is mainly stored in the fleshy part of root tubers and only a small amount is stored in the endothelium. The purpose of grating in cassava starch extraction plant is to destroy the tissue structure of cassava, so that the small starch particles can be separated from the roots. Starch released from cells is called free starch. The starch remaining inside the cells is called binding starch. The purpose of grating is to release free starch as much as possible.

4. Separation: Separation is a key factor to the high recovery rate of starch. The function of separation is to separate insoluble protein, residual soluble protein and other impurities from starch milk, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and washing of starch milk. Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are widely used separating machine in cassava starch extraction plant. To achieve better separation effect, four or five centrifuge sieve are usually used in series.

cassava starch extraction machineCassava starch separating machine

5. Desanding: There still exists sand in starch milk after separation process. Therefore the desanding is a necessary process in cassava starch extraction plant. According to the principle of specific gravity separation, the starch slurry is pumped into desander by pressure pump to remove sand out of starch milk.

6. Concentration and refining: Hydrocyclone station is used for concentration and refining process in cassava starch extraction plant. The hydrocyclone is used to separate starch milk from protein, cell sap and other impurities. According to the principle of different specific gravity of water, starch and yellow pulp, the entire process of concentration, refining and recycling is completed only in a few minutes. Therefore, the microbial infection is avoided, the product quality is more stable, and the recovery rate of the product is also increased correspondingly.

cassava starch extraction equipmentCassava starch refining machine

7. Dehydration: The starch milk obtained from the hydrocyclone station still contains a lot of water and must be dehydrated to improve the drying efficiency. Through the action of high-speed rotation of the vacuum filter, most of the water is thrown out from the filter cloth gap of the sieve mesh. The wet starch accumulated on the filter cloth is continuously scraped out with the scraper, which falls directly into the hopper of the flash dryer and is fed into the flash dryer through the closed screw feeder. It is required that the moisture content of wet starch is about 38% after dehydration.

8. Drying and packing: At present, the negative pressure flash dryer is widely used for drying in cassava starch extraction plant. The whole drying process is completed in a flash. In flash dryer, the wet starch is mixed with high speed hot gas together, through two processes of heat transfer and mass transfer, starch is dried into powdery. The starch is separated and recycled by cyclone, and the waste gas is discharged from outlet. After that, the cassava starch is packed and weighted for storage.

cassava starch extraction equipmentCassava starch drying machine

In conclusion, the above is the complete introduction about cassava starch extraction plant. Doing Company provides you with a complete starch project, we can provide complete services from design, manufacture, installation, commissioning to after-sales service. With advanced automatic control system, our automatic cassava starch processing machine ensures the automatic and stable operation of the whole production line.

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