Price of cassava processing machine in Nigeria

Although Henan Jinrui is a supplier of cassava processing machines in China, in order to facilitate the delivery of foreign customers, our company has opened a branch and overseas warehouse in Nigeria. Therefore, Henan Jinrui knows the price of cassava processing machines in Nigeria very well. Next, Henan Jinrui will analyze the price of cassava processing machines in Nigeria for you.

The prices of cassava processing machines that produce different products are different.

The cassava processing machine provided by Henan Jinrui can produce three kinds of products: cassava starch, cassava flour and garri. Because the extraction process of cassava starch is very delicate, there are many cassava processing machines required to produce cassava starch, so the price is the highest. The production process of cassava flour and garri is relatively simple, and the cassava processing machine required in the production process is relatively less, so the price is lower.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch processing machine of Henan Jinrui

The price of the cassava processing machine varies according to its processing capacity.

No matter what kind of product you want to produce, when you make an inquiry, you need to inform the cassava processing machine supplier of your production needs. The cassava processing machine with large raw material processing capacity and high processing speed is more expensive than the small and low.

The prices of cassava processing machines of different materials vary greatly.

As we all know, stainless steel materials are more expensive than carbon steel materials. Therefore, stainless steel cassava processing machines are more expensive than carbon steel cassava processing machines. Since carbon steel is easily corroded, Henan Jinrui provides you with two types of cassava processing machines: all stainless steel and carbon steel mixed stainless steel. You can choose according to your actual situation.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing machine in cassava flour production line

Henan Jinrui has been researching and innovating in the cassava processing machine industry for more than ten years. We have advanced production technology and professional machine engineers, and can customize the cassava processing machine for you according to your production needs. If you want to know the specific price of the cassava processing machine, please leave us your production needs and contact information, and our project manager will quote you later!

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