Cost analysis of cassava processing equipment

Cassava is an important food crop in Africa, and is now grown in many countries around the world. With the development of the cassava processing industry, more and more people are engaged in the cassava processing business. Before starting the cassava processing business, the big question for many people is what is the cost of cassava processing equipment? The cost of cassava processing equipment is affected by many factors, such as final products of cassava processing, equipment materials, equipment capacity, equipment processing technology and so on.

cost of cassava processing equipmentCassava processing equipment

First. The cassava processing products are different, and the equipment prices are different

The cassava processing products are different, the cassava processing equipment required is different, and the cost of cassava processing equipment varies greatly. The processing of cassava into starch usually requires a complete set of cassava starch processing equipment to form a complete production line, so that the produced starch has high quality. It is best to have a starch processing plant for cassava starch production machinery, therefore it is more suitable for enterprise or company investment. If the cassava is processed into cassava flour and the processing technology is different from that of cassava starch, the cassava processing equipment used is different. The processing technology of cassava flour is relatively simple, and the cost of cassava processing equipment is also cheaper than that of cassava starch. In Africa, garri is also a common cassava processing product, especially in Nigeria, where garri is an important food sources. Garri processing is simpler and the equipment required is cheaper.

cassava processing equipmentDifferent cassava processing products

Second. cassava processing equipment material

Cassava processing equipment can be made of pure stainless steel or stainless steel and carbon steel. The different materials result in different cost of cassava processing equipment. Due to stainless steel is superior to carbon steel in terms of service time, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, it is more expensive. Customers can choose the equipment that suits their needs according to their actual needs.

Third. cassava processing equipment capacity

The daily processing volume is also a key factor affecting the cost of cassava processing equipment. The larger the daily processing capacity, the higher the equipment price. Doing Company can provide different capacities of cassava processing equipment such as 1t/h, 2t/h, 5t/h.

cassava processing plantDifferent scale cassava processing plant

Fourth. the processing technology of cassava processing equipment

With the development of the cassava processing industry, the production and processing technology of cassava is also constantly improving. The advancement of cassava processing technology in different manufacturer is also different, and the cost of cassava processing equipment produced by hem are also different. Since a set of cassava processing equipment cannot be replaced frequently after it is put into use, customer should try to choose a relatively advanced cassava processing equipment, so as to avoid that the customer's demand can not be satisfied due to the backwardness of the equipment and technology within a certain period of time. DOING has decades of experience in the research and development of cassava processing equipment. The equipment absorbs advanced domestic and international technical experience, which is advanced technology, high production efficiency and high cost performance.

cassava processing equipmentCassava grating machine of different processing technology

The above is the main influencing factor of the cost of cassava processing equipment. In addition, the automation degree of the equipment, the safety performance of the equipment, and the operational performance can also affect the cost of cassava processing equipment. This requires you to inspect and compare the equipment when purchasing the equipment, and select the satisfactory equipment.

In addition, the cost of cassava processing equipment from foreign trade companies is generally higher than that of manufacturers because their equipment is purchased from the manufacturer. Doing Company is a professional manufacturer of cassava processing equipment, with our own processing factory and professional engineers. You are welcome to come to our factory for a site visit. Our sales manager will help you recommend the suitable cassava processing equipment according to your actual situation and needs.

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