Cost of cassava processing plant in Nigeria

Overview of Nigeria cassava and cassava starch

Cassava is the most important root crop in Nigeria. And cassava alone contributes about 45% of agricultural GDP in Nigeria for food or domestic purposes but its industrial processing and utilization has been very limited. Currently, the country produces about 40,000,000 tons of the commodity and due to the desire of the federal government to reduce import dependency, there is national plan aimed at increasing the production of cassava starch as a substitute to corn starch. The annual demand for cassava starch is estimated at 350,000 tons, while the national supply is estimated at about 300,000 tons. Therefore the government encourage to build cassava starch processing plant.

cassava starchCassava & cassava starch

Due to cassava can be processing into cassava flour, cassava starch and garri, the cost of cassava processing plant in Nigeria is firstly determined by the end products. The biggest difference for these cassava processing plant is due to the difference on cassava processing equipment. We will take cassava starch processing plant as an example to analyze the cost. To analyze the cost of cassava processing plant in Nigeria, there are several important factors should be taken into consideration. The cost of raw material of cassava, the cost for building cassava processing plant, the cost of cassava processing machinery, The cost for labors as well as the cost for cassava processing plant operation.

Estimated cost of cassava processing plant in Nigeria for starch processing(4 tons per day)

Cost of cassava starch processing plant NGN
Cost of equipment 36,000,000
Initial set-up cost 26,600,000
Initial working capital 5,600,000
Pre-production cost 2,600,000
Total plant investment 70,800,000

cassava starch production machineCassava starch production machine

The major equipment for production of cassava starch are: dry sieve, paddle washing machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, peeler centrifuge, flash dryer. The cost of the equipment with capacity of 4 tons of cassava starch per day is N36, 000,000. This includes the cost of installation. Of course, we can also design and manufacture cassava starch processing machine according to customer requirements. Accordingly, the cost of cassava processing plant in Nigeria differs according to demand.

Labor requirement

To analyze the cost of cassava processing plant in Nigeria, the labor is a necessary. Both skilled and unskilled labor is required for this project. A total of about 42 workers are required for production, marketing and administration.

Capital requirement

The estimated total initial investment cost of cassava processing plant in nigeria is N70,800,000. This consists of the initial fixed capital is about N26, 600,000 (including factory building, machinery and equipment, generator, project vehicle, office furniture and equipment and bore hole), initial working capital is about N5,600,000. and pre-production expenses is about N2,600,000.

cassava starch processing plantCassava starch processing plant

In conclusion the above is the analysis of cost of cassava processing plant in Nigeria. Doing Company can provide you with a complete set plan from the choose plant, equipment to installation and operation to training workers for cassava processing plant. We have experience to build cassava starch processing plant with reasonable plant layout, competitive equipment price and professional technical team. With advanced cassava processing equipment and scientific management system, our products are popular in the whole world, and our cassava processing machine have sold to different counties, such as, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, North Korea, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Syria, Russia, Bulgaria, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, etc. Welcome to contact us about the cost of cassava processing plant in Nigeria issue.


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