Nigeria customer visit for cassava grating machine

In May 2017, customers from Nigeria visited Doing Company to inspect the cassava grating machine. Below is the picture of customers and DOING sales managers:

Nigeria customer visit cassava grating machine

Nigeria is the country with the largest total production of cassava, and many people are interested in cassava processing business.Through DOING website, the customer learned that we are a professional manufacturer of cassava deep processing equipment, so he asked us about cassava starch equipment.

Since he had no experience in cassava deep processing business before, so DOING sales manager introduced him our cassava deep processing machine in detail, and he was very interested in our cassava grating machine. He wan to starts a family style cassava starch processing plant, with manual wash cassava and then use cassava grating machine to grate cassava into slurry, with a sedimentation tank and sun drying, he can process cassava into starch to increase earning. And if he won more money, he decided to order a complete set of scale cassava processing machine from us.

In order to understand DOING machining capacity of equipment and the performance of cassava grating machine clearly, the customer decided to visit Doing Company to inspect our cassava starch equipment, especially the cassava grating machine. After seeing the running of our machine, the customers were very satisfied and decided to purchase the equipment. The following is a picture of DOING cassava grating machine:

cassava grating machineCassava grating machine

Nigeria is a big country for cassava production in the world. In 2004, Nigeria established the Presidential Cassava Production and Export Promotion Committee, whose duties is to increase cassava production, improve cassava processing and packaging technology, and promote the export of cassava products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, and at the same time create employment opportunities and reduce poverty. Cassava deep processing has broad prospects in Nigeria.

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