What is the use of cassava starch ?

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Cassava starch is a kind of starch made from cassava after a series processing procedure. There are two kinds of cassava starch: raw starch and various denatured starch. The denatured starch can be customized according to the specific requirements of the user for special use. So what is the use of cassava starch? Then we will answer the question.

cassava starchCassava & cassava starch

1. Cassava starch for food

When some one asks what is the use of cassava starch, the first thing that comes to mind is food. Cassava starch is widely used in food formulations, such as baked goods, as well as in the manufacture of extruded small foods and cassava beads. Denatured starch or starch derivatives have been used as thickeners, adhesives, puffers and stabilizers, as well as the best additives, sweeteners, flavoring carriers and fat substitutes. Foods using Thai cassava starch include canned foods, frozen foods, dry mixes, baked goods, snacks, condiments, soups, sausages, dairy products, meat and fish products and baby food.

2. Cassava starch for drinks

Expect food, modified starch is used as a colloidal stabilizer in beverages containing solid ingredients. In beverages, cassava starch sweeteners are superior to sucrose because they improve the processing procedure and enhance product characteristics. Combined with other sweeteners, they can satisfy consumer demand adequately. The high hydrolysis syrup formed by the hydrolysis of cassava starch is an ideal source of fermented sugar in beer brewing.

3. Cassava starch for chemical industry

Besides food, the question of what is the use of cassava starch also reminds us the chemical industry. Cassava starch syrups can be produced at low cost through acidification or enzymatic hydrolysis, which can be used as raw materials to produce various chemicals, such as sodium glutamate, amino acids, organic acids, ethanol, ketones, vitamins, and antibiotics.

what is the use of cassava starchThe use of cassava starch

4.Cassava starch for candy

Cassava starch and various denatured starch have many uses in candy production, such as gelatinization, thickening, stabilizing system, enhancing foaming, controlling crystallization, bonding, film forming, adding luster, etc. Low viscosity cassava starch is widely used in gelatinized sweets such as jelly and chewing gum. The most commonly used starch is acidolytic starch, because it has good retrograde property and coagulability, which is more obvious when it comes to sugar. Dry starch is used as a demodulator in candy making. Starch-based polysaccharides are used to produce sugar-free gum.

5.Cassava starch for making paper

Another widely known answer for the question of what is the use of cassava starch is the papermaking industry. Modified starch can improve paper quality, productivity and pulp utilization rate in paper industry. Cationic starch is used to flocculate paper pulp and improve the dewatering efficiency of wet part. Starch retained on the finished paper as an internal sizing agent can increase the strength of the paper. Low viscosity starch, such as oxidized starch, can be used as a surface sizing agent to increase the strength of paper and improve ink absorption during printing and writing. Denatured starch is also used as a binder in pigment coating to produce smooth, white paper.

6. Cassava starch can be used as adhesive and glue

Cassava starch paste is an excellent adhesive for a wide range of applications, including corrugated cardboard, paper bags, plywood, adhesive paper, adhesive tape, labels, stamps and envelopes.

cassava starch processing plantDOING plant for cassava starch processing

7. Cassava starch for textile industry

In the textile industry, cassava starch is often used as sizing agent to harden and protect yarns in order to improve textile efficiency. Used as finishing agent to produce fabrics that feel smooth;Used as a toner to obtain a clear, wear-resistant print fabric. For textile applications, starch with mild cooking is preferable.

8. Cassava starch for biodegradable materials

For the question of what is the use of cassava starch, biodegradable materials is a less known industry. Cassava starch and modified starch can be mixed with petroleum-based or synthetic macromolecular materials to improve the biodegradability of the materials, thus minimizing the production cost of such environment-friendly materials.

9.Cassava starch for medicines and cosmetics

Cassava starch and modified starch can be used as binders, increments and disintegrating agents for tablet production.The specially modified starch can be used as the carrier of emollients, which are usually mineral oil-based.Other denatured starch can be used as emulsifying agent, encapsulating agent (vitamin), finalizing agent (hair mousse) and thickening agent (shampoo).

what is the use of cassava starchCassava starch uses

In short, the above is the answer for the question of what is the use of cassava starch. The application of cassava starch is so wide that the cassava starch processing industry is also developed rapidly. Doing Company is a professional cassava starch deeply processing equipment manufacturer and our engineer is glad to answer your question about cassava starch equipment.

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