How to extract cassava starch ?

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Cassava starch is a starch extracted from the cassava root through a process of washing, extraction, dehydration and drying. There are two kinds of cassava starch: raw starch and denatured starch. They are widely used in various kind of industry includes food industry, textile industry, chemical industry, ect. But how to extract cassava starch. We will explain this question to you.

cassava starchCassava & cassava starch

Here is the introduction of the processing principle and technological process of how to extract cassava starch

Cassava starch processing principle: cassava starch production process is a physical separation process, which is to separate the starch from fiber, protein, inorganic substances and other substances in cassava raw materials. The separation process is completed by taking use of the starch property which starch is insoluble in water and has a specific gravity greater than water.

Cassava starch technological process: cassava selection-cleaning and washing-coarse cutting-grating-two to five times separation section-hydrocyclone concentration and refining-dehydration-air drying-finished product packaging

cassava starch processing lineCassava starch processing technological process

And the following is the detail introduction of how to extract cassava starch

Cassava selection: This is the first step of cassava processing, also the most important step. For the final starch quality is relevant to raw materials are selected. The selected cassava should not too young to effect starch extraction rate or too old to cause difficult to cutting and grating. Poor raw materials will lead to lower yield and higher cost, which will affect economic benefits. Therefore we need to carefully select fresh cassava of high quality.

Cleaning and washing section: The selected cassava is weighted by weighing conveyor and transported into cassava cleaning machine. The cleaning process is for removing weed, soil, sand and other debris from cassava. The cleaned cassava then goes into the paddle washing machine to further wash the impurities. The purpose of cleaning is to remove attached sand, soil, and starch ash and meanwhile facilitates the next process.

cassava washing machineCassava washing machine

Cutting section: Because cassava roots are long and the part near the main stem is lignified, they are hard to be grated without cutting first. One of the purpose of cutting is to reduce the load of the grating machine and ensure the grating machine operates normally. In addition, after cutting, the cassava is more likely be grated into cassava slurry. So the second purpose is to improve the starch yield and quality.

Grating section: Then it comes to another important procedure of how to extract cassava starch. The reason why grating is important is that it determines the starch extraction rate and starch yield. Therefore it is important to choose a high efficient grating machine to fully grating cassava into cassava slurry. DOING rasper is such a machine. It absorbs advanced technology from home and abroad, and can achieve a breaking rate higher than 94%.

Separation section: The process is for the separation of fiber and starch. To achieve better separation effect, the separating process adopts two to five multi-stage method. Doing Company can design this according to your requirements.  After multiple-stage centrifuge sieve, the separated cassava waste residue goes to the slag field, and the refined starch milk enters into fine fiber sieve for further process! Fine fiber sieve uses low speed centrifugal force to further separate small fiber and starch. Meanwhile it improves the fineness of starch to meet higher standard.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch separating machine

Concentration and refining section:  The mainly used machine in this process of how to extract cassava starch is hydrocyclone station. The function of separation is to separate protein, cell sap and other inorganic Impurities from starch milk, so as to achieve the purpose of washing, refining and concentration of starch milk. DOING hydrocyclone station can ensure the quality of starch meet European standards.

Dehydration section:  The water content of wet starch comes out of hydrocyclone station is too high to dry directly. Therefore it need to be dehydrated by vacuum filter.  After dehydration process, the water content of starch decreased from 60% to 38-40%. Then the dewatered starch water is sent to the flash dryer through screw conveyor for further processing.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch drying machine

Drying and packing section: Then we come to the last section for the question of how to extract cassava starch. The flash dryer is used in this process for drying wet starch. It takes use of the high speed hot air to evaporate water and achieve the purpose of drying starch. The whole system is under negative pressure, no dust and energy saving. The water content of starch products is about 13.5% after drying. Then the finished starch is packed for storage.

Above all is our introduction of the cassava starch processing procedure. Any further details about this question, welcome to contact us. As a professional complete set of cassava products deeply processing equipment manufacturer, we can not only answer your questions about how to extract cassava starch but also provide you with guide about cassava starch processing machine.

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