What can cassava be processed into?

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Many farmers in Nigeria only sell cassava raw material. Most of them don't realize the economic value of processed cassava. Normally, the higher the value, the higher the profit. So if you want to get more profit, you should know what can cassava be processed into and let your profits to achieve maximum value.

Cassava can be processed into many things, such as fufu, cassava chips, garri, cassava flour, cassava starch, etc. Now I will introduce 3 more popular products of processed cassava to make you get more profit.

what can cassava be processed into3 mainstream products processed from cassava

1. Garri

Garri is a white or yellow granule that can be eaten directly. It is also one of the main foods for people in Africa. Nearly 80% of Nigerians have eaten garri in one way or another. Garri processing equipment is relatively cheap which is suitable for a person with a small budget. It is a small business, but it is profitable.

what can cassava be processed intoCassava can be processed into garri

2. Cassava flour

Cassava flour is another product can be processed from cassava. It can be made into noodles, bread, etc. Its process is usually more refine than garri. Different procedures should be equipped with different types of equipment. It is mainly because of the scale of cassava production and product quality requirements. As for cassava flour production, there is no need for fermentation.

what can cassava be processed intoCassava can be processed into cassava flour

3. Cassava starch

Cassava starch is a relatively high-tech product in cassava processing. It is widely used in textile, alcohol, food, and other industries. The process of cassava starch can be divided into washing, crushing, sieving, dewatering, drying, and packaging. The DOING company's final cassava starch water content is very low, generally around 14%.

what can cassava be processed intoCassava can be processed into cassava starch

Certainly, there are more other products that can be processed from cassava. But the 3 products I talk about are things that are the mainstream products and more popular. Knowing this point will help you make more profit on the original basis.

DOING company is devoted to designing and manufacturing cassava deep processing machines.

We have mature technology in garri, cassava flour, and cassava starch processing equipment. If you want to make more profit with processed cassava, just contact us to get more information.

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