What are the by-products of cassava processing?

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It is well known that the cassava is mainly processed to garri, flour, starch. But do you know there still exist many by-products in cassava processing? They also have great value. The by-products of cassava processing mainly include cassava peel, cassava residue, and cassava whey and so on.

the by-products of cassava processingthe by-products of cassava processing

Cassava peel

The first by-product of cassava processing is cassava peel which is mainly produced in cassava processing. Cassava has two layers of peel, a layer of the brown peel is easier to remove, a layer of the white peel is thicker and difficult to remove. At present, DOING Company cassava peeling machine can reach a 92% stripping rate and can remove double cassava peel. Because the sandeAr roller can provide very strong friction. The cassava peel is a good feed for pigs. It is used in combination with protein and minerals. Compared with traditional animal feed such as corn, cassava peel has great economic advantages that can reduce economic costs and increase farming profits.

the by-products of cassava processingCassava peel

Cassava residue

Another by-product of cassava processing is cassava residue, which is also called cassava fiber, cassava bran, tapioca starch residue. Its main component is fiber and a small amount of starch. It is extracted from the sifting process during flour, starch, and processing. Cassava residue is currently the main feed ingredient.

With the development of technology, cassava residue can be fermented within 24 hours and can be placed for a long time. The crude fiber can already achieve rapid degradation and improve digestion and absorption of poultry. At present, cassava residue has been used in large quantities in farming to maximize the purpose of reducing feed costs and bring economic benefits.

the by-products of cassava processingCassava residue

Cassava whey

At last, cassava whey. According to the latest research, enzymatic hydrolysis of cassava whey has a very important effect on the production of ethanol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Aspergillus niger saccharified whey starch grown on the bran can be used as a crude enzyme.

the by-products of cassava processingCassava whey

The by-products of cassava processing can not only turn waste into treasure and bring economic benefits, but also solve the pollution problem caused by partially processed cassava. DOING company can offer cassava processing machine, at the same time, we can also maximize the profit of the by-products of cassava processing.

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