How to maintain starch drying equipment ?

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The application of starch drying equipment has improved the efficiency of starch processing industry. Many starch producer uses high-quality starch drying equipment to put into production instead of traditional sun drying method. For long-term operation of starch drying equipment, proper care and maintenance can effectively extend its service life. So how do you maintain starch drying equipment?

starch drying equipment Starch drying equipment

First, routine inspection is required before equipment working

Always check the starch drying equipment before using it. The inspection of the starch drying equipment mainly involves the inspection of the screws at the joints. If it is found that the screw is loose, it should be tightened in time. It also includes the tightness of the three-wheeled belt on the motor. If it is too loose or too tight and or is damaged, it needs to be adjusted in time or replace the belt.

Second, check well during the equipment working

When using starch drying equipment, always check the heating of the bearing housing and the motor. If it is found that the equipment has overheated, it should stop immediately, find out the cause of overheating of the starch drying equipment, and troubleshoot. Only after that equipment can continue work.

starch drying equipmentStarch drying equipment

Third, carry out related maintenance after the operation

Even if the starch drying equipment with good quality should be related to maintenance work after the operation. It is necessary to clean the dust outside the machine of the starch drying equipment after each operation, and also need to add lubricating oil to the bearing of the transmission part or lubricate the ester. If starch drying equipment is not used for a long time, it is necessary to clean the starch in the pipeline and cover the machine with a tarpaulin, and also add lubricating oil to prevent rust.

In summary, the maintenance of starch drying equipment needs to refer to the above points. It is necessary to carry out related maintenance work before, during or after the operation. By doing the above points can the service life of starch drying equipment be extended, so as to give full play to its better value and increase its cost performance.

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