The list of cassava starch processing system

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According to the survey, the global market value of the cassava industry, estimated at $183 billion in 2023, projected to reach $254 billion by 2032. Cassava starch, as an important driven engine, enjoys a strong demand from the food and beverage industry due to its use as sweeteners, natural binding agents, texturizers. Based on this, people flooded into cassava starch business have a strong desire to know some info on the cassava starch processing system list so that they can calculate the ROI. Henan Jinrui, as a professional manufacturer of cassava processing system with over 10 years’ experience, here will show you the list of the cassava starch processing system.

The list of cassava starch processing system mainly include six secondary systems: the cleaning system, crushing system, separating system, refining and concentrating system, dehydrating system, and drying system. Here is the 3D video of cassava starch processing system showing you the list of cassava starch processing system.

The cleaning system

Dry sieve: a widely used cassava starch machine for impurities removal;

Paddle washer-a machine to wash the primary sieved cassava roots thoroughly by adopting the counter-current washing principle.

The crushing system

Cassava cutter: a device configured to cut large roots into small pieces;

Cassava rasper: with a grating rate more than 94%, it achieves the most effective grating effect at present, and the starch can be fully released;

The separating system

Centrifugal sieve: a main machinery in the cassava starch processing system to separate fibers out of the starch slurry;

Desander: based on the principle of centrifugal separation to remove sand to improve the taste of starch and ensure the quality of starch.

centrifuge sieve and hydrocyclone stationCentrifuge sieve and hydrocyclone station

The refining and concentrating system

Hydrocyclone station - With its unique structure and different combination forms, this cassava starch machine can independently complete the separation, washing, clarification, concentration, screening and other operational tasks in starch processing.

The dehydrating system

Peeler centrifuge: a commonly used cassava starch machine for starch dehydration,effectively decreases moisture content of starch to 36.5%.

The drying system

Flash dryer: a dryer to dry the wet cassava starch powder by adopting the negative drying principle, and the dried starch has a moisture content of about 14%.

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The above is a brief introduction to the list of cassava starch processing system. If you want to get the specification and quotation of the cassava starch processing system, warmly welcome to send us an message! Henan Jinrui’s project manager will offer you the accordingly product list and best solution design based on your accurate requirements!

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