How to produce tapioca starch from cassava?

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Tapioca starch is a kind of deep processing product from cassava roots. The process includes cleaning, washing, crushing, separating, refining, dehydrating and drying. If you are interested in how to produce tapioca starch from cassava roots, please read the following information.

The first step is cleaning and washing raw cassava tubers. After the cassava is harvested from field, a lot of impurities attach to the cassava like sand, weeds, stones, metals etc. Before cassava deep processing, it should be cleaned well. To achieve better cleaning effect, cassava firstly should be sent to dry sieve machine for preliminary cleaning which can remove attached impurities. After that, paddle washing machine clean deeply cassava roots and remove peel.

How to produce tapioca starch from cassava?Cleaning and washing raw cassava tubers

The second step is crushing the cleaned cassava roots. Tapioca starch exists in cassava tubers in the form of bound starch and free starch. If the cassava doesn't crushed completely, the bound starch can't be released. So crushing section is one of the most key process in tapioca starch plant which directly influence the yield of finished tapioca starch. The machine in crushing section we called rasper. Rasper machine has a high rotation speed and can crush cassava to the maximum extent. It is widely used in big tapioca starch processing line.

How to produce tapioca starch from cassava?Rasper to process tapioca starch

The third step is the separation and refinement of starch, which is also called starch extraction process. After crushing cassava roots, they become cassava pulp. It is a mixture of starch, fibers, protein, fats, cell liquid etc. To get purified tapioca starch, we need to separate other contents one by one. Firstly fiber should be separated in centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve. Then the protein and cell liquid is removed in hydrocyclone station. Finally purifying starch slurry with certain density comes out from hydrocyclone and sent to the next process.

How to produce tapioca starch from cassava?Centrifuge sieve to process tapioca starch

The fourth step is dehydrating and drying process. Firstly purified starch slurry is pumped into peeler centrifuge to be dewatered and it comes out as wet tapioca starch powder with moisture content 38-40%. Whereafter, wet tapioca starch is sent to flash dryer for complete drying, and the moisture content is reduced into about 12%. After drying, tapioca starch production is completed. Finished starch can be packed into bags for sale.

How to produce tapioca starch from cassava?Flash dryer

These are all steps about how to produce tapioca starch from cassava. DOING company can offer complete tapioca starch processing machine. If you want to start a commercial tapioca starch business, i think the modern equipment is necessary. More information about how to produce tapioca starch by modern equipment, welcome to chat online. DOING company's professional engineers will answer to you.

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