How to make potato starch and what is potato starch used for?

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Potato starch production industry requires professional technology and good potato starch processing machines. But still many investors want to involve in this business because of its large perspective market. Therefore, Henan Jinrui company a professional manufacturer of starch processing machines, including potato starch, shows you the steps to make potato starch and its usage.

General speaking, the potato starch production process mainly includes the following seven steps: cleaning, washing, crushing, separating, refining, dehydrating and drying.

Cleaning: In the cleaning part, in order to clean off the impurities attached to potato, we use machine named dry sieve, which uses the friction between raw materials and equipment to remove dirt, sand, weeds, small stones and other impurities on the surface of potato.

Washing: In the washing part, rotary washing machine is used. It adopts counter-current washing principle. Material flows in the opposite direction against water in the cleaning tank, which makes washing completely with good efficiency.

Crushing: Crushing is one important step during the potato starch production process. The degree of raw material crushing affects the extraction rate of starch. Jinrui company’s processing technology uses rasper to crush potato into potato slurry. The crushing rate is as high as 94%, which greatly improves the rate of starch extraction.

potato starch production processPotato starch production process

Separating: This step centrifuge sieve is used, to separate the fiber and potato starch slurry. Usually in Jinrui company’s processing technology, we configure five stages centrifuge sieve, which can reach a good separating effect.

Refining: In refining part, we use Hydro-cyclone, in our processing technology, usually configure 18 stages, which including washing, refining, concentrate parts. Through the 18 stages Hydro-cyclone, impurities like the fine fiber, protein and cell fluid will be removed from the crude potato starch milk by centrifugal difference to achieve the purpose of improving purity.

Dehydrating: Potato starch dehydrating stage will generally use vacuum filter. The pressure difference in the vacuum filter will make potato starch adsorbed on the filter cloth, and the excess water will flow through the filter cloth along the vacuum pipeline to the gas-water separation tank, so as to get wet starch.

Drying: the potato starch drying machine used in this stage is a flash dryer. The flash dryer adopts the negative pressure system, which can not only dry the potato starch instantly but also controls the loss of potato starch.

Speaking to here, Henan Jinrui company wonders that you know well of the steps to make potato starch. Here another question: What is potato starch used for?

Potato starch can be replace corn starch because of its cheap price. It can be used for some food like sugar, meat and so on; For industry, it can be used for textile, plastic. So, that is also the reason why so many investors want to join the potato starch processing business.

At last, the whole potato starch production process can be designed by Henan Jinrui has the advantages of stable operation, high production efficiency, high starch extraction rate and high automation degree. If you are interested in, welcome to consult us to get a free quotation about the cost-effective potato starch processing machine!

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