How many types of cassava grinding machine?

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Cassava grinding machine is a machine for crushing fresh cassava roots. There are different types of cassava grinding machines on the market, including cassava grater, hammer crusher and rasper. But how do you choose the most suitable cassava grinding machine according to your specific needs? This requires you to compare and understand different types of grinding machine. Let me give you a detailed introduction to different types of cassava grinding machines and their common application scope.

cassava grinding machineDifferent types of grinding machine

1.Cassava grater

Cassava grater is usually used in garri production line, it is a kind of machine that integrates crushing, grinding and separation of pulp and slag. This machine is made of food grade stainless steel with good quality and high hardness, suitable for hard cassava. It can grind cassava with high efficiency in a short time, which reduce human labor. It can process 1-1.5 tons of cassava per hour.

Tips: It’s mainly used in garri processing, because the design of this machine can retain the original flavor of cassava. Therefore, it’s your best choice if you want to use to grind cassava in garri production line.

2.Hammer crusher

This is another type grinding machine, which can used for crushing cassava piece into mash, and it can also crush the dry flour or starch ,in order to get fine flour and starch. Its working principle is to use high-speed rotating blades to grind the raw materials, so that the cassava is fully broken. It has the advantages of simple structure, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance and low price.

It is very popular in the market and has a wide range of applications, suitable for small scale cassava processing plants such as garri production lines, cassava flour production lines and tapioca starch production lines. The capacity of hammer crusher is from 2-40 tons per hour.

Tips: If the output of crushed cassava is too large, consider upgrading the grinding machine. If your budget is not enough, it is recommended to use a cassava cutting machine to reduce the working pressure and prolong the service life of the hammer crusher.


Rasper is another type of grinder that is commonly used in cassava and starch processing plants for complete shredding. Compared with hammer crusher, rasper can realize two-way grating. The device has a roller inside with blades on it. During the high-speed operation of the equipment, the blade will be thrown out to file the cassava pieces, cassava grating rate is as high as 96%. In addition, The contact material is made of stainless steel to ensure the cassava is not contaminated during grating process. Rasper has a production capacity of 2-40 tons per hour.

Tips: The rasper is especially suitable for medium and large cassava processing plants, with a higher cassava grating rate and a higher yield of cassava processed products.

Watch this following video to understand better different cassava grinding machine above:

This article introduces three different types of cassava grinding machine, which includes cassava grater, hammer crusher and rasper. Now, you’re sure to have a clear understanding of cassava cassava grinding machine after watching the video. [Recommended reading: How to choose cassava crushing machine in cassava starch production process?]

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