Which tapioca starch content is high?

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If you want to obtain high-yield tapioca starch, in addition to having mature tapioca starch production machines, tapioca raw materials are also a very important factor.The starch content in different tapioca is different.

Usually, the starch content in tapioca roots is closely related to the tapioca kind, harvest time and storage time. This article will answer the question of which tapioca starch content is high from these three aspects.

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1. Tapioca kinds

Different kinds of tapioca have different starch content. The starch content in cassava is as high as 10%-30% and higher. The higher the starch content, the higher the starch yield. So you can test your tapioca kinds you used and choose high starch kinds to increase the yield of starch.

2. Tapioca harvest time

The harvest time of the same kind of tapioca is different, and the starch content is also different. If harvest tapioca early, the starch in the tapioca has not reached the peak, starch content will lower. If the harvest is too late, starch will be turned into sugar and dextrin, thereby reducing the starch content. In common, it is better to harvest from November to December. The whole growth time has more than 300 days.

3. The storage time of fresh tapioca

You know the storage time of fresh tapioca also can influence the starch content. Long storage tapioca is relatively dry, one is that the skin of the tapioca is not easy to peel, and the other is that the tapioca is stored for too long, which will lead to saccharification and affect the yield of starch. That is to mean, more fresh tapioca you use, the higher starch content you can get. So it is better to find a place close to the starch factory, so you can collect and process your tapioca timely.

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To sum up, the different varieties of tapioca, harvest time of tapioca and storage of fresh tapioca all influence the starch content of tapioca to a certain degree. Therefore, in order to produce high quality tapioca starch, it's necessary to choose fresh tapioca high in strach content and to put into production as soon as possible after harvesting.

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