What is the dehydration equipment for the tubers starch production line? What's the difference?

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In the production of tubers starch, the dehydration part is a very important link, which will greatly affect the starch yield. At present, the equipment used in the dehydration part of the tubers starch production line is a vacuum dehydrator, a centrifuge sieve, and a plate-frame filter press, so what is the difference between them?

three starch dewatering machinesThree different tubers starch dewatering machines

Different dehydration raw materials:

These three kinds of tubers starch production line dehydration equipment are generally used to process different raw materials.

1. Vacuum filter and peeler centrifuge are mainly used for dehydration of tubers starch milk, while plate-frame filter press is the final dehydration equipment of cassava flour production line.

2. The vacuum filter is more suitable for the dehydration of large-sized potato starch milk or sweet potato starch milk.

3. The peeler centrifuge is more suitable for removing the moisture of ground starch milk with smaller particles.

vacuum filter and peeler centrifugeVacuum filter and peeler centrifuge

Different dehydration intensity:

Different tubers' starch production lines have different dehydration intensities of dehydration equipment.

1. The vacuum filter used in the potato starch production line and sweet potato starch production line can dehydrate the starch milk to wet starch with a moisture content of about 40%;

2. The peeler centrifuge used in the cassava starch production line can dehydrate the cassava starch to about 36.5% moisture;

3. The plate-frame filter press can dehydrate the broken cassava pulp into cassava flour cake with a moisture content of about 40%.

plate frame filter pressThe plate-frame filter press

Different dehydration principles:

The dehydration principles used by the three different tubers' starch production lines are different.

1. The vacuum filter mainly adopts the principle of vacuum adsorption. First, the starch granules are adsorbed on the filter cloth through the pressure difference, and then the starch adsorbed on the drum can be removed from excess water by continuous vacuuming to form a filter cake;

2. The peeler centrifuge achieves the dehydration effect through the action of centrifugal force. The water is thrown out of the drum through the filter medium and the small holes on the drum, and the starch particles are trapped on the filter medium to form a filter cake;

3. The plate-frame filter press adopts resistance principles. The cassava pulp flows through the filter medium, the water is removed through the filter cloth, and the particles are attached to the filter cloth. The greater the resistance, the thicker the filter cake, and the more water is removed.

For different tubers' starch production lines, you can choose suitable dehydration equipment. If you have any questions, Jinrui Company will try its best to help you.

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