Cassava to Attieke Processing Unit

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In a turbulent world, worldwide, the price of grain is increasingly soaring. Attieke is a traditional staple food in most African areas. Its future prosperity has drawn many investors' attention. This article here will introduce cassava to attieke processing unit to people interested in attieke business.

Main cassava to attieke processing unit include several machines, cassava to attieke cleaning machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava to attieke grating machine, attieke dehydarting machine, and attieke steamer.

cassava to attieke unitcassava to attieke unit

1. Cassava to attieke cleaning unit: Dry sieve and Paddle washer

The dry sieve is installed in cassava attieke peocessing line for deal with surface impurities like weeds, sand, leaves,etc. attached on cassava skins. When it is running, raw cassava tubers rotate with the machine and the impurities on the surface will be erased through the friction caused by the material's touch or material and machine's touch, the impurities will then be discharged from the bottom outlet. The paddle washer washes the primary cleaned cassava completely. By adopting a counter-current washing principle, when the machine is in washing process, its water flow direction is opposite to that of cassava’s , ensuing the perfect cleaning effect.

2.Cassava peeling unit: Sand roller cassava peeler

Sand roller cassava peeler is to ensure the safety of attieke by peeling the poisonous cassava skins. It adopts sand rollers design and accompanying spaying system to clean out peel residues, very efficient and economic.

cassava peelercassava peeler

3. Cassava to attieke grating unit: Cassava grinder

The cassava grinder in the attieke production unit is employed for grinding peeled cassava into paste. With advantage of easy-operated and low price, the grinder machine is widely used for 2-40tpd attieke production. Besides, the grinder machine can also be matched with diesel engine to deal with unexpected electricity problem.

4.Cassava to attieke dewatering unit: attieke dehydarting machine

Cassava to attieke dewatering unit is to squeeze out water from fermented cassava paste. The full body is made of stainless steel, ensuring safety food production. In addition, it is equipped with a control box, and you can operate it easily.

6.Cassava to attieke streaming unit: Attieke Steamer

The attieke steamer utilizes the steam generated by the boiling water to cook the grated cassava. The steam circulates through the tray, heating the cassava and causing it to become soft and fluffy. The cooking time can vary depending on the quantity of attieke being prepared and the desired texture.

If you want to engage in cassava to attieke processing business and get the list of attieke machines, welcome to send us an inquiry! Henan Jinrui can show you local project cases with different capacities!

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