How to prepare for building a sweet potato starch processing plant in 2024?

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Building a complete sweet potato starch processing plant includes three main parts machine, factory, and finance. Before starting such a project, here are some preparations that need to be finished first. You need to do a Market analysis, Feasibility analysis, Building Permission, and Factory building.

starch extraction machineComplete sweet potato starch processing plant

1. Market analysis

The market analysis includes the final sweet potato starch price, raw sweet potato tubers price, and final buyers, etc. Whether you want to provide starch for food processing or wholesalers, you need to learn the market first to research and analyze profit. Then you can know whether to invest in this project.

2. Feasibility analysis

After learning market, there is a feasibility analysis for this project. Prepare project budget and labor quantity, learning local electricity and water prices to finish the total cost plan. After all most clients want to earn high profit from this business. In recent years, sweet potato starch processing has much popular, the profit is pretty high.

3. Permission

Some countries have a high environmental requirement for starch projects, if you want to set up a factory locally, please learn if you need permission first. This is essential in such project building.

sweet potato starch processing processSweet potato starch processing machines

4. Factory building

When arriving at this step, it means people decide to invest and start this sweet potato starch processing plant. Now you can find a suitable place for plant building. After checking the place, you can start finding sweet potato starch processing machines and check the factory size from machine suppliers. Normally when you start building a factory, you can start ordering machines, machine manufacturing, and factory building at the same time. Machine suppliers also can provide factory layout design drawings for reference.

Henan Jinrui Food Company has done starch machine manufacture for more than 10 years. We have our technical department and factory. Not only sweet potato starch machines, we also have cassava processing machines, potato starch machines, etc. If you have a plan to build a sweet potato starch processing plant, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are looking forward to getting your message.

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