What is the method to know the quality of cassava starch?

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Cassava starch processing is many popular and has various usages in commercial processing. Therefore cassava starch market is pretty big that more and more people plan to set up such a factory locally to earn profits. Whether industrial or food grade processing, starch has a different quality to meet requirements. How to identify starch quality and what is the method to know cassava starch quality?

Normally according to our experience, the cassava starch quality identification method is sensory identifying. It's suggested to assess the quality of cassava starch from the appearance, taste, texture, and color aspects. In addition to sensory identification, there are specific criteria including meshes, fineness, and viscosity. Here are some details:

700-starch网站.jpgHigh quality cassava starch


The higher meshes, the better the starch quality.

The premium grade cassava starch meshes passing requirement is 99.8% which means 100g starch, 99.8 starch can pass the sieve smoothly. People can use a sieve with 100 meshes to do the test to get the final answer.


Good quality cassava starch touching is slithery, with no granular sensation, this can be felt by touching. More smoothly the better starch quality.


Must be suitable for both cold flour slurry and cooked starch paste. Food-grade cassava starch in premium grade viscosity is about 600. This is also our technology processing effect.

Cassava starch production process.jpgCassava starch processing process

Except these details are related to starch quality, good technology processing is helpful to get high quality cassava starch. Henan Jinrui Food Company has done the cassava processing machine business for more than 10 years with much experience.

Cassava processing machines have various capacities and models to meet clients’ requirements. If starch machines are complete and have automatic processing lines, the same technology as Europeans can get a high starch extraction yield. Then can get premium grade starch finally.

If you have any idea to set up a cassava starch processing factory, you can contact us to share your idea, we will be a pleasure to get your news.

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