The video of cassava slicer machine for cassava chipping

It shows the different cassava slicer machines in DOING company.

The first is mini casssava slicer machine which is mainly for small farmers home use.

The second is DOING old style small scale cassava slicing machine.

The third is the cassava slicing and peeling machine.

The final casssava slicer machine for cassava chipping is DOING newly designed machine. It has drum type and disc type. The slice thickness can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements, generally within the range of 1-3cm.

You can choose cassava slicer machine according to your actual situation. DOING company has complete manufacturing system, the business marketing system and after-sales service system. We will try our best to provide high quality machine for you. If you want to buy cassava slicer machine, welcome to contact us.

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