Industrial flash dryer

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At present, the flash dryer commonly used in the starch industry. Flash drying, also known as "instant drying", Due to the fast speed and large heat transfer area, the whole drying process is completed in an instant. Its the application of dilute phase transport in solid fluidization for drying. The method is that the hot air and the solid particles to be dried are directly contacted, and the solid particles (starch) to be dried are suspended in the fluid, so that the contact area of the two phases is large, and the heat and mass transfer process is strengthened, and the industrial flash dryer is particularly suitable for heat sensitivity material drying.

The drying of the material, because the material and the gas flow in the same direction, the industrial flash dryer drying temperature is low, so DOING industrial flash dryer is most suitable for all kinds of starch drying process, ensures that the starch is not gelatinized, starch dried by this industrial flash dryer features in clean appearance, high whitness, glossy luster, smooth powder, and stable moisture.


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