Cassava washing and peeling machine in cassava starch making process

These three cassava washing and peeling machines have their own advantages, and their roles in cassava processing are different.

Due to the reasonable rotation speed, the dry sieve generally runs smoothly, so the cassava will not be damaged. The parameter design of the cassava washing machine can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the raw materials. Therefore, the dry sieve can meet a variety of requirements.

The paddle washing machine adopts the principle of countercurrent washing and has simple structure, easy operation and large processing capacity. This cassava washing and peeling machine can achieve a good cleaning effect, save energy and water, and increase the starch extraction rate.

The cassava peeling machine uses friction to peel cassava. After the cassava is peeled, the conveyor belt rotates the cassava forward to transfer the peeled cassava to the next part. Cassava peels and other impurities fall into the collection tank. Its high degree of automation can save time and manpower. It is an ideal choice for cassava starch making process.

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