Specially designed peeler centrifuge

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Peeler centrifuge is an important dewatering equipment in the production of cassava starch. DOING specially designed peeler centrifuge, we called automatic siphon centrifuge, is a solid-liquid separation equipment. Compared with ordinary centrifuges, DOING's peeler centrifuges increase the siphon suction force similar to vacuum, which has higher production capacity and better separation effect. It is especially suitable for the separation of materials with small solid phase particles, high viscosity, slow filtration speed and the need to wash the filter cake.

peeler centrifuge designPhysical picture of the peeler centrifuge

The specially designed peeler centrifuge has four advantages worthy of special explanation:

1.This machine has realized the full automation production. As long as the program is set up, the machine can operate automatically. It is also equipped with electro-hydraulic automatic control, which can realize the monitoring of the whole process of feeding, initial filtration, washing, fine filtration and unloading without the need of human being on duty.

2.The structure of this peeler centrifuge is completely enclosed. It is equipped with a backwash device, which can backwash the residual starch filter cake layer into the drum to regenerate the filter cloth. This has made a great contribution to the improvement of production capacity.

3.In the peeler centrifuge, the parts that are in contact with the starch are made of stainless steel. This improves the corrosion resistance and hygienic requirements of the machine, not only prolongs the service life of the machine, but also avoids the introduction of impurities in the process of starch dehydration.

4.Even with its high configuration, the peeler centrifuge is not bulky. Its running motors and centrifuges are installed as a whole. So it's small, it doesn't take up a lot of area. So you don't have to worry about it running on energy at all. Its small size makes it run more smoothly, so the vibration amplitude is reduced, the vibration noise is low, and the damage caused by vibration to the machine is greatly reduced.

DOING's specially designed peeler centrifuge can reduce the moisture content in starch to 36.5%, and can increase starch production by nearly 50%.

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