Cassava starch processing line

Cassava starch is the power product of fresh cassava root processed by special process and equipment. DOING cassava starch processing line greatly breaking the cell structure of cassava roots and fully release free starch, thus guaranteeing high yield of cassava starch.

The entire cassava starch processing line includes the following section:

Raw material selection and transportation-de-stone-washing-grating-starch and residue separation-starch slurry desanding-enrichment and purification-dehydrating-starch drying and packing

cassava starch processing lineCassava starch processing line

1. Raw material selection and transportation: In cassava starch processing line, the cassava roots are normally received from the field as soon as possible after harvest and cannot be stored for more than two days. Since the presence of woody matter or stones may seriously interfere with the grating process by stoppage or by breaking the blades. Then the selected cassava roots are transported to stock yard.

2.Stone removing process: The cassava root permits stone removing to be proceed smoothly by dry sieve in cassava starch processing line. The raw cassava is transported to dry sieve by forklift to remove the stone, sand and other debris.

3.Cassava washing process: The purpose of washing is to remove sand, soil, skin, reduce starch ash, and facilitate the work of the next process in cassava starch processing line. The roots are fed from one end and when they come out at the other they are clean and partially peeled, the action being continuous. Dirty water and skin are periodically drained out through a small opening in the concrete tank.

Cassava starch processing machineCassava cleaning machine

4.Cassava grating process: In cassava starch processing line, it is necessary to rupture all cell walls in order to release the starch granules. This is the most important procedure for it determines the starch yield. In view of this result, it is important to choose high efficient grating machine. DOING rasper introduces Germany Optibelt and Sweden SKF bearing, with a breaking rate of more than 94% is a good choice.

5.Starch and residue separation: Separation is mainly used for removing fibers out of starch slurry in cassava starch processing line. The efficient machines used for the separation of starch from cellulose fiber is the centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve. The starch slurry is put in a conical basket and centrifugal action separates the starch dispersion from the fibrous pulp.

6.Starch slurry desanding: The starch slurry contains sand which need to be removed by a sand remover in cassava starch processing line. The desanding machine takes use of density separation method to achieve the purpose of sand removal.

Cassava starch processing machineCassava starch separating machine

7.Enrichment and purification process: The enrichment and purification process in cassava starch processing line is mainly used to remove a small amount of insoluble protein, residue soluble protein and other mineral remain in the starch milk. At present, cassava starch processing plant adopts multi-stage hydrocyclone station to achieve the concentration, refining and recycling of starch.

8.Dehydrating process: The starch undergoes thorough dehydration to meet the standards of the commercial product in cassava starch processing line. The handling of the starch in this stage is a complex process, since it has to be dewatered without using high temperatures, in order to avoid gelatinisation-the destruction of its granular structure. In this process, the excess water is removed by using the peeler centrifuge.

9.Starch drying and packing process: The dehydrating is followed by further drying in cassava starch processing line. The drying process is achieved by using a flash dryer. High temperatures may be used in this last stage, at the end of which starch loses the final percentage of water, to achieve 14% moisture.

This is the complete introduction of the cassava starch processing line. Doing Company is a enterprise specialize in researching, manufacturing and installing the complete set of cassava starch processing machine. We can provides you with complete cassava starch engineering and advanced automation control system ensures automatic and smooth operation of the entire cassava starch processing line.


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